Saturday, April 23, 2011

Isabella's apron

Last weekend I finished Isabella's apron.  I think I mentioned that it's about 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than it was supposed to be.  Little mister Jonah was all too willing to help me.  I'm very happy to report that Isabella really loves her new apron. I am sure it will see a lot of wear and tear.  I was a bit dismayed as the pattern gave the incorrect amount of fabric for the bias strip.  I had to cut it along the grain, this means it will wear out faster.  They were short by a little more than a half of a yard!! No small amount!  It will do for now.  But I did buy everyone else's fabric already with the incorrect amount.  I should write and tell them.  Not sure what happened with this picture, it almost looks blurry in my viewer, but it wasn't on my computer.  Oh well, computers :-)

1 comment:

All Natural Woman said...

Way cool!!! Love the apron!! :) Wait to you see the apron Emma made! Coming soon to my new blog! :)
The pics from the walking park are amazing! The kids all look so great! I can see a huge difference in Isa and Moira! I love the one of Saoirse looking up and Flannery is such a ham! The boys of course are such BOYS!!! :)

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