Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sugar Woes

Sugar, carbs, startches, etc.  They can cause problems.  Especially when one is pregnant with hormones raging :-)  It has become apparent that it is time to dive into eating no sugar and no carbs for the next few weeks.  It is proving hard to do.  Not due to cravings, thankfully.  Although I am thinking it might be easier than the brain fog, the falling on my face crashes and the yucky, weird feelings I am having.  I'm only on day two.  Well, really day one and a half as I realized yesterday a couple of things I had did have an ever so small amount of sugar/carbs in them.  However, even with those little slips I could not believe the change I saw come that very night.  One may see this as too much information, so skip if you don't like medical issues :-)

For the past few months I have had to wake multiple times a night to use the restroom.  This is completely normal when you have a baby laying on your bladder.  However, what wasn't normal was the fact that only two hours had passed since the last time I visited the ladies room and it felt like my bladder was going to explode!  That my friends would be IC (interstitial cystitis--or some such spelling).  I was very pleasantly surprised to find upon rising last night that my bladder did NOT feel like it was going to explode.  Wow!  Just after one day of watching those carbs!  I'm looking forward to see how the next few days go.  With less than four weeks till my due date I really want to be ready for this birth.....and I am not just talking about birth supplies.  Being in shape isn't going to happen.  I still REALLY need to get to walking.  I feel like that is a very important piece of being ready.  I am still praying for peace, which hasn't arrived as of yet.  I'm still hoping for a head down, anterior baby BEFORE labor starts as well.  But I am making some progress in the freezer meal department.  And I do feel better that I should be free and clear of the wee little nasties that are plaguing me come the end of this week.  I am hoping that this fog and total loss of energy will not interfere with the cooking that still needs to be done. 

This week there is a lot on our plate.  With Jed's speech, two Bible studies, an appointment with the midwife and with the chiropractor, well that makes it difficult to start some of these big cooking projects, knowing I have to cut it short.  I really hate having to find the energy to start cooking only to have to stop because we have to leave the house.  I have to clean up, and restart everything when I get back.  Not fun.  No where to go now for the rest of the day so I need to start working as I have some energy from eating.  The funny thing was my midwife told me to make sure I was getting enough calories when I did the no carb thing.  Ha!  That will not prove to be a problem.  I'm going to have the opposite problem.  I have to keep eating to keep myself from falling over!  So much for protein lasting longer!!! 

Alrighty, off to make up some pizza dough. 

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Sarah said...

Hi Kerri, I just caught up on the last month of reading.. thanks for sharing! I'm excited for your new baby's arrival and hope it goes very well.

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