Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jed's x-ray results

So we finally received the results of Jed's x-rays.  The good news is that his wrist is not broken.  Which I had assumed as much as he started using his arm again after we had the 'popping' incident.  But it's good to know for sure.  The bad news is that the bone aging showed he is a 2 yr. 8 mo. old child instead of a 4 yr. 5 mo. old child.  Actually I am labelling it 'bad news' not so much because of the results, but for what we didn't find out.  I mean, we could have saved a lot of money as I *already* know that he is the size of a 2 year old.  Of course I could be missing the point of the x-ray.  I was hoping to find out if his growth plates showed that of a 2 year old, or that of a 4 year old.  I was assuming we would get more information out of that than knowing his bone age is that of a two year old.  I was assuming if his growth plates were that of a 2 yo. then he had the capability to catch up to his "proper" size some day.  Again, I might be missing the point.

So along with the results came a letter from our doctor asking us if we would like to order blood work for checking his growth hormone level. I want to say first and foremost that I am very pleased our doctor has been so willing to look into and try whatever we have suggested.  But I have to say I sat there banging my head against the wall.  Jed has had his hormone levels tested some three times already.  This is what has been so frustrating in all of this because ALL of Jedidiah's testing (except for his spinal tap that he had to see if he had increased cranial pressure) have come back NORMAL.  This is why we have chosen to look into alternative methods/ideas. 

Jed's homeopathic doctor was sure he would catch up, but he told us it would take about four years.  We were two years into the process when we had to stop.  Sigh.  My sister and I have done enough reading on nutrition that we know he could be helped by the GAPS diet.  Again, for the next couple of months that is being put on hold because it is very 'intense' and trying to manage that diet with all that is going on to get ready for a new baby is too much for me to handle.  Sigh.  I am thinking I had a really, really bad night last night due to the no carbs.  I should have known better as my sister has been through this before.  But there I was, a TOTAL basket case over all of this.  I think I got to the point that I wanted off this roller coaster, but I can't :-)  And so I cried.....a LOT.  I feel better this morning, thankfully.  But I know we need to start making some changes as soon as possible for Jed's sake.

Not only has Jed's growing issues been brought up again, but we have some new issues that have surfaced.  I am quite certain it is plain ole' sin.  However, due to how suddenly Jed took a 180 I have to ask myself if something more below the surface isn't playing a role.  I am sure, if you have been reading here for a while, have heard me tell you how amazed Jed's speech therapist has been at his progress.  Every single session she was coming out telling me how wonderful he's been doing.  Well, ever since that weekend we painted, that hasn't been the case.  Now every session I hear about how 'obstinante' he's being, how he isn't cooperating, and as of yesterday: she feels that therapy is at a stand still.  Ugh!  He's not been good during Sunday school either.  I've been making it more of a point to make sure I get him to obey while he is here at home.  I know I am not perfect, but I would think we would have seen some improvement by now.  I suppose I am just going to have to take things up a notch, really focusing on that immediate, first time obedience.  Because it is so hard for me to get up if I'm sitting down I plan on getting the older girls involved to help me out.  So all of this will be addressed, but again, I can't help to think that something else is adding to this.  The past week all Jed wants to eat is jelly sandwiches.  Plus he drinks juice.  Can we say, sugar?  Again, it's a recent change.  However, most of my kids at some point decide they only want to eat a few foods, and Jed might just be finally hitting that stage.  See why I have been banging my head against the wall?  It's all so confusing and frustrating. 

Well that's enough being confused and frustrated, I have work to do :-)  I needed some more food supplies to continue with my freezer meals.  Jeremiah went out last night for me to do the shopping.  I was in no shape to do it myself.  So a quick clean of the kitchen and another cooking fest will be on it's way.  No speech, or other outside activities to interfere with the cooking fest.  I'm almost excited.  Almost :-) 

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