Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baby update

Just thought I'd write up about my appointment yesterday.  This poor baby doesn't even have a journal!  Granted some of my others do, and there are like five pages written in them, but still, at least they have one :-)  It will have to settle on reading my posts when it is older.

Yesterday marked the 36 week mark.  It is now officially safe for the baby to come at any time now.  Not that I am quite ready for that to happen, but if it were, it would be a safe time.  I had gotten everything ready that I could.  I still have to sterilize the towels, wash cloths and receiving blankets.  Other than that everything is ready to be set up as it needs to be when I go into labor. 

My blood pressure was good, I was a bit nervous about that as it was a bit off last time.  Nothing bad, but I worry (I'm am quite sure, unnecessarily so) about those sorts of things.  My midwife had a couple of things for me.  One was half a bag of the herbs I JUST opened that very morning.  Ha, ha.  I always have left overs as well and told her she'd have to pass them on, and that when I'm done she'll have more to pass on.  Then she had a small bag of baby girl clothing.  All the babies born last month were boys, and one woman was passing on some girl clothing.  I took it with a bit of hesitation....I mean after all we *are*  having a boy.  (just in case some do not know, I really don't know what I am having)  So it came time to figure out where the baby was.  Let's just say this is a bad, bad baby :-)  It was transverse.  However, this time it's back is up high in the uterus, as opposed to lying low cradled by my hip bones.  I suppose this is a bit of an improvement as the head is at least facing the right direction.  So this just means to keep up with the chiropractor, I need to get walking to encourage the baby's head to settle in the hips and to bind my belly as soon as I feel the baby has gotten into a good position.  I was told this baby still has plenty of room to move around, so no fear that it will be stuck where it is.  Then is was heart tone listening time. The midwife first finds the heart tones with the fetascope.  This just helps to confirm our findings of the baby's position.  So she's listening, gets the heart rate and says, "Well, I guess you won't be needing those baby girl clothes."  See, even the midwife is on my side :-)  The heart rate was 124, a boy heart rate.  Now granted I know that it's not certain that the heart rate means girl or boy, at least according to scientific findings.  Science, smience, I mean come on people, who needs cold hard facts when you have old wives tales.  (I'm joking)

So all is well, just waiting for the baby to realize it still has a job to do, a very important one I might add!

Other than that we had a quite evening.  Jeremiah took the girls out to see the new Narnia movie.  The boys and I stayed home.  I was feeling very, very exhausted.  So the boys just played while I watched them.  Then I remembered there was a movie I wanted to watch. SHOCK!!!  It was more of a documentary.  There is no talking (well, not that you would understand).  The movie is, Babies.  It follows four different babies, in four different countries.  OH MY!!  I was having issues with some of it :-)  Like calves stepping over the nine month old baby in Mongolia.  Yikes!!  Or the baby in Africa who is getting its head shaved with a knife.  Shudder.  It was a very interesting.  It kept the boys engaged, and when I told the girls about it they all wanted to watch it as well. 

I was able to talk to a different homeopathic doctor yesterday to ask him some questions about  how he practices.  It was quite interesting to say the least.  The midwife's assistant told me about him.  So I thought I would check into what he does.  I was pleased with his more reasonable rates.  Plus he only believes in giving only one remedy at a time.  Jed was on six remedies at a time.  I told him how Jed was getting more sensitive to his remedies, to where I had to go to the dosage cup method.  From his point of view he felt that meant he needed a different remedy.  He is very well aware of how our other homeopathic doctor practices as he actually was tutoring under him at one point.  It is neat to see the differences.  Right now there are no plans to pick up with constitutional care, but I wanted to have talked to him before any acute things come up.  Plus, when I was at the doctors the other day with Jed, our family doctor asked if we were open to growth hormones for Jed.  YIKES!!  Seriously the thought scares me.  I would really like to address the underlying issues.  Jed has been tested for his growth hormone levels and his thyroid, all of which have been normal thus far.  So if a diet change doesn't address it, which I believe it could have a big impact on, then I think we'll have to start up with the constitutional care.  Not to mention I've heard of some kids getting improvement with the GAPS diet, but still needed to do some chelating from mercury (what we believe is affecting Jed's brain).

Well off to get kiddos ready for the parade and the tea party. Only the girls and I will be attending the tea party.  It should prove to be fun. 

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Tracy said...

A boy? Well I should tell you that I had a dream last week that you had a baby boy. Now mind you I am not giving up on thinking that this baby is truly a GIRL! But hey....for what it is worth, I told you! Glad to hear about your BP. As for the baby's position, she will get there eventually. Obviously a stubborn child. Wacth will have your hands full with this one no doubt! BTW, I opened a new blog linked to my google account. I am hoping to keep it similar to what I had before, but without any too personal info. Love ya!

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