Friday, December 24, 2010

A Blessing

   I've been blessed in many ways lately and I wanted to hop on here to share them with you.  First I was greatly blessed by a dear friend who took the time to speak truth to me about my sin that I posted about in my last post.  She recommended that I read nothing but Scripture for the next few weeks.  Although I haven't done that completely, I have most certainly dropped a lot of extra reading and increased my time in the Word.  Jeremiah was 'borrowing' my Bible that I had gotten for Mother's day a few years back that I had underlined and made notes in.  What a blessing to have it back to read over my notes and the things I found important.  It has really helped me during this time.  It has really helped me to meditate on the Lord.  It has helped to take my complaining and turn it into thanksgiving. 

   I was also blessed by a great nights sleep.  I believe a big part of what has contributed to my fear of labor is that I have been chronically tired for the past few months.  I've been dreading labor, wondering how I was going to make it through with no energy.  Well what a gift I received the other day.  Although it came from a 'pill' I believe it was from the Lord.  It was only since I started turning over all of my fears to Him that I 'found' some sleep.  I started taking some arnica 30C for some pain that I was having.  I saw some improvement from it, but needed more relief.  I decided to try using arnica 200C (more potent than the 30C) to see if it would help.  It did help, but what I did NOT expect at all was that the night I took it I was able to to sleep in four hour stretches with NO hip pain!!!!  I've been waking every hour to two hours nightly for months now due to the pain in my hips.  I woke up feeling like a new person!!  For the first time this pregnancy I thought, 'hey, I think I can really go through with this labor thing!'.  I have two weeks till my due date and I am praying for a few more nights like that to try to catch up on some much needed rest. 

  Another blessing is that it appears that the baby is finally head down!!!!  It has stayed that way for a week now.  Unfortunately it is posterior, so it still needs some work to do, BUT how thankful I am that it is head down!!!!  A HUGE answer to prayer.  Please continue to pray with me that the baby makes it's full rotation to the front so that I have a quick, uneventful and easy delivery :-) 

  Time to get off to finish a few things for the night.  Blessings!

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