Monday, December 27, 2010

the four hour rule

So it appears that there is some unspoken rule that I should not be able to sleep more than four consecutive hours.  This has been proven over and over, more comically seen the other night.  None of the usual things woke me.  Didn't need a run to the restroom, or have any hip pain to wake me, nor did any of the six children come into my room to tell me about some ailment they were suffering from, even the babe inutero was quiet.  I wasn't having a bad dream, and would have continued sleeping past the four hour mark IF I wasn't awoken by a loud bang/scrape/crashing sound coming from our closet.  When did this happen?  At the four hour mark!  Exactly!  What was that sound?  There was a bit of confusion at first, and it was pretty funny what I thought Jeremiah was saying, and what he thought I was saying.  I thought he said there was someone in our closet!  Yikes, I hope not!  He thought the noise was coming from outside.  But then one of the sounds 'clicked' in my brain and I realized I heard the sound of rattling plastic clothes hangers.  So I asked Jeremiah to look again in the closet to see if one of the wire racks had fallen.  It had.  All of Jeremiah's clothing was on the floor.  Looks like we need to add another 'to do' item to the list.  So if it's not one thing, it has proven to be something totally crazy, like falling shelving.  Oh well, four hours is still a long stretch compared to what I had been getting for the past couple of months.  I'll just have to try, try again :-)

The next two days Jeremiah will be home, and I am hoping to finally finish up all my necessary and needed to-do's.  I would really like the rest of my time in waiting to be more restful, just doing basics.  I am getting very antsy about getting these things done.  We had a few things that came up that made me take time away from my to-do list.  For example I had to wash two comforters by hand.  They had both been soiled by sick children with the tummy bug and going through the washing machine did not take care of it all.  So I had to partially fill my bath tub to let them soak (one at a time) with some soap on them, then scrub and then rinse.  Jeremiah carried the wet soaking comforters to the washing machine to be spinned out.  Not a big deal, but it took time, and made other work (like having to clean the tub out). 

I had just looked at my baby count down ticker......11 days!!!  Wow, that's close!!  I need to get going and get these things done.  First stop, breakfast :-)

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