Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Some prayers needed

First and foremost, please pray for my father in law.  We've known this day would be all too soon in coming, but it appears that he will be passing on very soon.  Please pray for a peaceful passing and peace for all involved.  The girls are devestated to think that they will not be able to see their grandfather before he passes on.  They haven't been able to see him since he was diagnosed with cancer some 9 months ago. 

The second prayer request:  Jedidiah and Jonah were playing on our swivel chair last night.  Jed fell off and landed on his left arm.  He was crying about it hurting.  Which is not unusual.  He quickly stopped crying and went on to play (although not on the chair as I told him to do something quiet).  Jed has a high pain thresh hold.  We noticed for the next 15 minutes he was favoring it.  We decided that should he continue to favor it at the end of an hour we would take him in to a doctors.  Well, not thirty minutes later he fell asleep on the couch (he woke up very early that day).  He slept through the night, and woke as normal this morning.  There was no mention, or reason to think anything more was wrong with his arm.  No swelling, or bruising.  Well this afternoon at speech therapy he tripped on the rug in the therapy room and caught himself with his arms.  His therapist told me he cried just a bit and favored it for a few minutes, but then was using it as normal.  Well, I thought, if it was still sore for the other night that would make sense.  At this point I was trying to make sure I was watching him to see how he was using it.  I can't say I noticed a difference, but he wasn't being really active.  This evening Mr. Jonah pushed Jed down and he fell, catching himself with his arms.  This time he has been favoring it for the past couple of hours.  Just not using it much.  Jeremiah's gone to see Tim (my father in law) and this isn't exactly an emergency.  Taking six kids to the ER?  Um, no thank you.  Jed hasn't been crying or anything, but it is just evident that this does need to be taken a look at.  I plan on calling our family doctor tomorrow.  Please pray that all works out well.  Between having to take the whole crew to get him x-rays (should the doctor think he needs them), and having to explain why we "waited so long" for him to be seen.  We have a good relationship with our doctor, so I am not too concerned about that type of questioning from him.  But should we have to see any one else, just that there be understanding.  And pray for our health to stand strong.  I try to avoid the doctors at this time of year due to all the sick people there!!  I don't need six sick children :-)

Thank you all!  I'll let you know how it all pans out.

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Brownie said...

Hi - I just happened upon your blog (I hit "next blog" when I was on mine!)

I lost my father 2 years ago - so I know some of what you're going through.

Just glancing through your blog I see we have some things in common - Christian, married 16 years, I love to crochet. :)

I have two children - 13 & 5.

I was interested to see "apraxia" on you site. I had first heard this word a couple of weeks ago when a friend told me that her grandson has this diagnosis. I will be returning to your blog to read about it.

My little boy is 5 - he never complains about being sick or hurting either. By the time I realize he's sick - he's VERY sick. So I can understand not responding quickly to his fall. I'm sure the doctor will understand, too. Things like this happen.

I tend to ramble on my comments... just wanted to say "hi" and to hopefully encourage you.

I'll leave you with my favorite comfort verse:

For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.
Isaiah 41:13

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