Thursday, December 09, 2010

A blessing on our trip

When we went out to eat the other day, during our trip to see Grandpa, we were blessed by an earthly angel.  We were almost done with our meal.  We were eating a very early dinner, as we had no lunch.  We ate at our favorite place, Golden Corral.  We had a whole 'room' to ourselves.  So after eating we didn't feel too bad about letting the boys wander around the room we were in.  They had both been so good, sitting still (for the most part) while we visited Grandpa.  There were windows on the dividing wall between the room we were in and the rest of the restaurant.  We noticed Jonah laughing, and when we looked he was playing peek a boo with a patron on the other side of the window.  It was very cute to watch.  Both he and she were really enjoying themselves.  A little while later it was time to leave.  We were just about to walk away from our table when the lady that Jonah was playing peek a boo with came up to us. 

She is originally from England, her husband from Ireland.  She had been a pediatric nurse, and she told us how she would much rather spend her time with children than adults :-)  She pointed to my tummy and said, "Oh, the lucky number!!".  I have to say I have not had any negative comments about this pregnancy, but this lovely lady was SO happy for us that it really ministered to my soul.  She was just loving our children, and was so pleased and happy that we were so blessed to have all these wonderful children.  I have never experienced anything like that, and it was such a blessing.  I've shared a little bit about how this pregnancy has been so hard for me, and it's not just the physical stuff.  I had recently gone through a hard week.  I know that my emotions were a bit hot wired, but knowing that sometimes takes a while to catch up to the heart.  So I had a few dark days thinking that this poor baby was 'not wanted'.  It IS WANTED, but I was *feeling* like it wasn't.  I know God does not make mistakes, but I was seriously doubting that a few days ago.  It seems silly now, but that is how I was feeling.  Anyways, this lady was like an angel sent from above.  I have never met anyone so happy with life than she was.  I left the restaurant feeling refreshed in my soul.  Such a blessing, on such a hard day.

I have been much more at peace with the pregnancy these last few days.  I still have a ways to go, but I'm praying that my prayers will be answered for the peace I need for this birth.  Tomorrow I have my 36 week appointment.  The midwife is coming here.  It is traditional to make the 36 week appt at the birthing mother's home.  That way the midwife knows the route, and gets to know the house a bit more.  I am supposed to be all set up in my bedroom for the birth.  Do notice the words, "supposed to be".  It just seems like it's so early to get things ready.  I have always been totally ready by the 36th week.  Not this time.  I have most of my room cleaned up.  But there is still a bit more to do.  Plus I need to lay out all of the supplies on my sewing table.  I have all the supplies, I just need to gather them up.  I am supposed to have a certain number of towels, wash cloths, and receiving blankets all bagged up and sterilized.  I do have them all washed, and I have the bags.  I just don't have those items IN the bags and sterilized.  I am sure I will have most of it done by tomorrow evening.  I've never gone earlier than seven days early (on my own, we induced Jed 10 days early).  So I just don't feel this need that I have to have everything ready by tomorrow.  I suppose there is always a first for everything!!!  Ha!  Well in the event that I went into labor tomorrow I at least have everything on hand :-) 

Off to put a couple of boys to bed, and to clean up a bit more.

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