Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big scare with baby!

Phew!  First thing first, everything seems to be ok.  I had a big scare earlier this evening.  As I wrote earlier today I was up half the night.  So I ended up going back to bed around 9 AM and didn't get up till noon.  I had a bit of a snack and then got busy in the kitchen.  During that half hour or so of first starting kitchen work I remember the baby moving around quite a bit.  Well I was busy all day in the kitchen.  Cooking six chickens, four batches of waffles and cleaning.  It was close to six o'clock or so when I was sitting down cutting up chicken.  I had been doing so for a little while and had expected since I wasn't so busy that I would be feeling the baby move around.  But it wasn't.  So I started thinking back to when the last time it was that I felt the baby move.  And I could only remember feeling the baby last around 1 o'clock.  I thought I must be mistaken.  So I took a break and decided to lay down and feel around for the baby.  The baby always seems to hate that.  Maybe I always just get the baby when it is awake, but it usually kicks around when I try to feel for it's position.  So there I was lying on my bed moving this baby around.  No kicking.  I keep probing and giving my belly a few shakes.  Nothing.  At this point I was totally freaking out.  I've never had the baby not respond to my probing.  So I asked Jeremiah to get me some juice (Yes, I TOTALLY broke my no sugar diet as I ended up drinking a quart of lemonade!) and lay on my left side, all the while praying everything was fine.  Jeremiah decided to call the midwife, who told him to have me lay on my left side and drink a lot of juice, and then count how many kicks/movements I felt in 30 minutes.  I was already doing all of that, except counting kicks at that point.  It took a little while, but FINALLY I got movement!  I was so relieved.  I think I counted 18 kicks/movements, which the midwife, and myself I must say, were happy about.  I got up after that to get some dinner.  The baby is still moving, just not a ton.  I would think it would be on a sugar high at this point, but it's more regular movement than disco baby.  For now I think we are fine.  I go to see the midwife tomorrow morning.  When I go to bed is when the baby turns into disco baby.  I'm looking forward to feeling disco baby tonight!! 

I was seriously very freaked out by this experience.  I kept thinking maybe my diet did the baby in, or the belly band I've been wearing non stop cut off the umbilical cord or something like that.  No, the belly band is not tight or anything, my mind was just going wild.  I've never had this happen before, and it really upset me, especially seeing how many negative feelings I've had during this pregnancy.  I think I was just writing this morning about how when I feel the baby move I get mad because I can tell it's not in proper position.  Oh, how I felt so horrid feeling that way tonight!!!!  I was never so happy to feel the baby, I didn't care where I felt it kicking. 

Ok, sorry for carrying on.  I need to go and make up another batch of waffles as the girls ended up eating a whole batch for dinner since I was not going to cook this evening with all that happened.  They just happened to be "my" waffles as I am making my freezer food without milk or cheese as all of our babies have had big time issues with milk.  Oh well, no biggie :-) At least everyone got food.

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Lisa H. said...

Hi Kerri,

I have been praying for you, that the Lord would give you what you need at this time. I'll keep praying! Funny how what WE think we need doesn't usually match up with what HE thinks we need, huh?
I remember what it is like those last few weeks B.B. (Before Baby)... sometimes difficult to remain joyful. But, dear sister-in-Lord, it is sin (you know that) to be grumpy. He is everything to us, our very life! Immerse yourself in His Word.... read nothing else for the next 2-3 weeks, and see the joy return. It is when you are full of joy and gratitude (from the very innermost core of your being, such that it cannot help overflowing from your countenance and your lips) that the Lord will likely carry you beyond the trials, but not until you are joyfully surrendered to Him and the trials' work in your life. I offer to venture this word of encouragement only as the Lord has put it on my heart and would not let me rest until now, that I've shared this with you.
I love you, your sweet family, and can't wait to see you all rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord in bringing forth your newest little arrow!
Drop me an email and keep us updated if you have time!

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