Monday, September 27, 2010


We got to have a short visit with cousins this past week! Always very fun! Kids running and playing all over the place :-)  It was sad to see them go.  My kiddos wanted to bring their cousins outside, which is a bad idea.  Bad, if you are not wanting to travel with three muddy children for the next five hours.  Ha, ha!  There was no lack of fun to be had inside though.  And play they did.  Then before they left we made up a smoothie to tie over those hungry tummies (well my kids tummy's anyways).  This time around I got some pictures.  It was hard to get everyone in the picture at any one time.  And harder still to get them to all act 'normal' for the picture.  Although I suppose for kids, silliness IS normal. I should know this by now. 

For the rest of our was spent in normal fall summer like fashion.  Soccer started out our Saturday.  It was picture day, which complicates things. Making sure each child got to their picture on time, and trying to watch another child's game in between.  The boys are very fond of the sand pile that is out front.  That's where they wanted to spend all their time. So I tried to let them spend some time there and still spend some time watching the games.  It was HOT out....again.  Seriously, it was over 90!  Thankfully I spent more time in the shade this time around so I wasn't burnt to a crisp.  That can't be said about some of the girls though.....little lobsters now.  Starting Sunday we are supposed to get cooler weather.  I can only hope that it sticks around.  So far the week looks good with low 80's and mid 70's.  Ahhhh, now that's more like it.  I just hope we have some of this fall like weather stick around.  The last couple of years we seem to have summer and then winter, then summer again.  Our spring and fall have seemingly disappeared. 

Sunday found ourselves in church.  The girls' S.S. classes are switching, at least for a couple of them, due to age.  So two of them move on up to the next class.  Everyone had a little party to end the 'year' with.  Then two of the girls went off to a birthday party.  The rest of us were treated to lunch out by another family.  It was a great time getting to know this family more.  Off to home to try to rest.  Insert mad maniacal laugh!  Jonah, in his toddler fashion, fell asleep for all of ten minutes.  Something he does multiple times a week due to having to be traveling around during nap time hours.  That makes it hard for him to deal with life come seven o'clock each evening.  Sigh. 

Alrighty, must be off.  We have cleaning, school, speech therapy, and I need to add in a new task, washing walls, as it looks like we will be getting our walls painted soon.  More on that amazing answer to prayer later.  Coming later this week is our big monthly shopping trip that I need to prepare for as well.  I am too worn out to make up a new menu, but getting tired of seeing the same things on our menu week after week.  I really NEED my energy back. It's been missing for the past few years now.  I miss it. 

Here are some pictures of the kiddos.

Most of the kiddos, minus my two little boys and oldest girl.  I know it's not good photography to be cutting off the tops of people's heads, but this was the only good shot of the group. 

Ah, now Isabella joined in. Almost a complete group.

The complete group, but the little boys were more interested in their smoothies at the moment.

Me and my most favoritest sister.  I think if I had more sisters she was still be my most favorite :-)

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