Friday, September 17, 2010

A new montage

So the other day, while still feeling sick, the kiddos all wanted to go outside.  The girls had asked fist, and I sent them out.  But upon seeing the girls race outside the boys then started in chorus their desire to go out.  I had to pull myself together to get up off my chair and take them out.  I am glad I did.  I think I needed the fresh air too.  When I got out there I needed to find a chair to sit in.  Yes, I was really feeling worn out.  Obtained one chair, check.  I sat watching children playing.  Then I got the idea to go grab my camera.  After all the only lens I have is the zoomable one (is that a word?).  Went and got camera, check.  Then I remembered recently reading some tutorials on photography.  It's been a long while since I've done that due to my depression.  This particular tutorial was more of an encouragement to use the full manual setting on your camera.  She showed the difference in pictures with the exposure when doing so.  She talked about using your spot meter, something I had not used as of yet.  So I had to go back inside to find my manual to find out how to use my spot meter.  Obtained manual, check.  Alrighty, I think I am ready to sit and relax now :-)  All the pictures you see in the montage, save one, was taken from my chair sitting in the middle of the yard.  It was a lot of fun experimenting with the spot meter.  I will say being in the lighting we were, with lots of passing shade due to trees, was a bit tricky.  One second subject is in full sun, the very next second (due to a breeze) they are in partial shade.  Then I noticed about a three quarters way through my time outside that I had mistaken my ISO number with another displayed number.  I had it set to 800!  Which was way too high for being outside.  Oh, well, live and learn :-)  I hope this montage gets displayed properly.  I had a rough time making it.  First the computer locked up when I had all but two more pictures to caption, making me lose the whole file.  Next I couldn't figure out how to save it in the right format.  I was about to upload a new montage to One True Media, but took another look at it in Windows Movie Maker and saw a tutorial on saving your movie in the correct format.  So I am trying out another server to see how it does, as uploading anything to Blogger directly seems to take forever!  Oh,'s taken me several tries, but I think I got it this time.  I chose the music that does not fit the montage.  Oh, well.  I really need to get on with my day and not keep messing with silly computers!  Ha!

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