Friday, September 10, 2010

a hard day

Still not *the* post! Sorry.  Although I had a WONDERFUL conversation with my oldest that really helped sort out my thoughts and what I want to write.  But for now I thought I would just say that between the emotional weariness (draining) and maybe fighting something (?)  I'm just to tired to write anything of substance.  Seriously I don't know what was up with me today.  I woke up feeling VERY worn out, and just funky.  I figured that it might take me a few hours to get over.  But I've felt that way all day long!  That makes it very hard to get anything done. We did some cleaning (the basics), but the cooking I was supposed to get done didn't get done.  I really need to make some granola bars for the girls for their soccer games tomorrow.  Thankfully this year the first game we have is 10:15.  Which is much better than 9AM that we had last year.  Plus all three games will be one after the other as apposed to two that were one after the other and then a one hour or so wait till the last game.  Too short to go home, but too long to have to hang out.  I will have to give the girls one last pep talk tonight about how they can not eat the snacks that are given out after their games.  Not only were they doing that last time, but being a large family we were the lucky recipients of the left overs!  That translates into LOTS of junk food on Saturdays.  Something we really need to avoid all together and especially this year with the baby due in Jan.  Health is something that takes time to build, and I have to say so far this summer we have faired far better than last year as far as illnesses go.  We need to keep it that way!

Cooler weather is upon us, FINALLY!!  The days have still been warm, in the upper 80's but lacking the summer humidity, which makes it much more tolerable.  The mornings have been cool, enough for the girls to wear sweat shirts.  Funny thing, the girls took the boys out this morning to play, I was sitting feeling yuck.  I told them to make sure they got dressed to go outside (for them to dress the boys).  They all run out there, I was helping Saoirse find something.  I look out to see Jonah in a diaper and Jed in a diaper and t-shirt.  Granted it really wasn't cold out, I felt comfortable in a t-shirt and skirt, however it was cool enough to be chilly if you didn't have any clothes on (at least I thought so).  So I took out some clothing for the girls to put on them, since I already told *them* to do it.  I watched to see that it was done, check.  Well not five minutes later there's Jed in only a diaper!  Ugh!  He refused to wear clothing.  He didn't stay out long after that :-)  Silly boy.  All my children seem to have issues with clothing at some point in their lives.  As if clothing is optional.  Go figure. 

Alrighty, off to rest, it's almost bed time for the boys.  I'm looking forward to that.  They have both been handfuls today.  Usually it's one or the other.  But Jed got in on the action.  Between dumping out my Balsamic vinegar, pouring out some grain, pouring out some liquid soap onto the floor, and climbing up on the bookshelf only to fall and bang his head.....I'm seriously ready for that boy to go to bed!  Jed usually gives me 'problems' with his screaming, so this was totally out of character for him.  Jonah does a perfectly good job keeping me on my toes already, no need to help him out :-) 

I am anxiously awaiting the homecoming of the girls.  Jeremiah took them with him to pick up their soccer jersies and to finish up on securing the soccer goals (Jeremiah's job as safety coordinator this year).  However it is almost 9 PM and they are still not home yet.  They left around 7:30.  I hate when they stay out much later than I anticipate.  Granted the work that they did on the other goals took longer than anticipated the last time, so I suppose it's just taking longer, but it's completely dark out, and unless they brought a flashlight I'm not sure how they are getting any work done.  It wouldn't be so bad if it was just Jeremiah and the older two girls. But with Flannery and I start to worry.  (Worry should have been my middle name!)  Flannery is bold, and Saoirse is a cross between Moira and Flannery.....she's a dreamer, but bold at the same time.  Not a good mix.  Especially if they get bored of the 'work' they are to be doing and try to go off and play. 

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