Sunday, September 12, 2010

Soccer is now in full swing around here. The first game day festivities were a lot of fun. I have a feeling the boys will be bummed when we go next week only to see that there is no fun stuff to do! On the first game day they had pony rides, a jump house, a huge slide and a fire truck to check out. I was surprised that we didn’t have to wait long for any one ride. For some reason I remember the first day being really hectic. Maybe it’s just because everyone is getting older, making it easier on me? Either way I found myself actually enjoying the day rather than being totally stressed out.

I only got to see Saoirse and Flannery’s games as I had to take off immediately afterwards to get Moira to a birthday party. Moira chose to skip out on her first game to go to the party. I can’t say I blame her, with going horseback riding, then off to a hotel to enjoy swimming, cake, pizza and a movie. I was pretty impressed with the girls’ improvements from last year. I know a lot of that comes with age. Last year pretty much all but one or two of Saoirse’s team mates just followed the ball with the other two actually trying to get the ball and trying to score. They were like flocks of birds that would all shift with the lead bird. Seriously it’s pretty funny. But this year I noticed that most of the team at least for some part of the game were actually going after the ball or actually trying to defend their goal. Not all the time mind you, but definite improvements. The biggest difference in play was with Flannery. I was very surprised to see how much better she was playing. The funny thing is that she is one of the fastest players, although not as agile. Last year if the ball was kicked out ahead of the pack, she could outrun the pack, but then she would just stop to look at the ball to see if anyone else was going to get it! Her coach had her on defense the whole time, which she did very well in. She actually saved two goals from being scored on her team. She actually went after the ball. You could still see that hesitation before going after it sometimes, but much improved from last year.

I was still worn out even though I enjoyed myself. We had to stop by Walmart to grab some wrapping for the birthday present plus a couple of things for the following day. When we got to the check out I saw we were LATE for the party. I was really nervous for Moira to think that she might miss out on the horseback riding. She was looking forward to it all week long. Thankfully, even though were an hour late, they had only just started with the rides. They were just going around a ring, not off on a trail, where we would have missed them. Phew! Moira had a blast. Jeremiah took Isabella and Flannery to a soccer game (local team), and then they drove up to pick Moira up from the party. Me and the rest of the kiddos were well into dreamland by the time they got home. As a matter of fact poor Jonah was so tired that he *asked* to go to sleep at 7 PM, a whole two hours earlier than normal. He caught Jed’s lovely little cold. The actual cold symptoms are light, but they are miserable! Jonah was not himself all day long. He didn’t really enjoy a lot of the fun festivities at the soccer field. He seems much improved today. But I did have Saoirse start sniffling last night, and Moira came into my room last night to say her nose was stuffed up and was feeling achy. So most of us stayed home from church. I took the sickies out to get some fresh air and sun. That of course meant that baths were needed. The boys can not go out to play without getting incredibly dirty.

It is early evening now, with some time to spare before Jeremiah and Isa leave for a soccer game. With sick kiddos we can’t go anywhere, but we all want to get out and do something. Maybe a little walk will do us good. As long as we don’t spread the germs. Speaking of germs, is it just me or are the People that Be really going gung ho this year with the flu shot campaign? Seriously, I don’t ever remember seeing signs left and right this early in the year for flu shots. They are EVERYWHERE! I want to go around with my own signs that read something like: DANGER, you are putting your health in jeopardy by getting the flu shot…..Of course make it snappy, but somehow I don’t think that would go over too well.

Jed really enjoyed to fire truck.  He was sitting in the back at first but asked to go up front to 'drive'.  He was loving it up there!

Jonah finally decided to join in.  He didn't want to leave my arms when we got to the truck.  But after a while he warmed up to the idea.

He even decided to accept a token fire fighters hat, which he declined at first.  This was one of only a few times he smiled for the day! 

Jonah was brave enough to go up the big slide by himself.  Seemed to have a blast on the way down, but refused to go again for a long time.  The second time he went I had to send Isabella up after him as he refused to come down.  I think part of that was that a bigger boy came up after him and started to jump around up at the top just when Jonah was going to head down.  That freaked him out and he crawled into the corner to feel safe from falling I suppose.  So I had Isabella go up and help him slide down. He wouldn't go up again after that.  And it was a bummer for him as there were no other people in line for a wait, or for anyone to follow him up to the top.

Saoirse backing up.  Her team name is "Storm".

Ok, not the best picture, but I can only spend so much time with my eyes off the boys.  Anyways, here is Flannery after defending the goal.  Her team name is "Fire".  Isabella and Moira are on the same team again this year, with the same team name as last year, "Portsmouth".  They have the same color jerseys as well, orange. 

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