Thursday, September 02, 2010

chicken woes

Thankfully it's only chicken and not chickens.  One of the girls came in this morning to say that 'Daisy' was sick.  Supposedly she was throwing up.  Oh, lovely.  Quick, separate her from the rest of the flock.  I went online to see what she could have.  Funny thing was as I was scanning Googles results, one result popped out, that being a prolapse.  I thought how silly to even look at that as the chicken is throwing up.  Couldn't find any related symptoms on the other sites, so decided to try to make a homeopathic mix that I saw on another site.  We had to take off and when we came back Isabella went out to check on her.  She said that the chicken was up and walking around and looked fine.  She hadn't given the chicken another dose of the remedy so I sent her out to do so.  In order to give Daisy the remedy she had to pick her up.  It was then that she saw the protruding bulge from her bottom (a *prolapse*!!).  She came running in with the chicken to show me.  I got online to see what could/should be done.  Not a pleasant idea to be sure, but you need to wash the area, and then apply honey to help shrink the protrusion, and then push it back in.  Sorry if that is too much information for some, but it's what I was supposed to do.  So out I go with my supplies.  And I was VERY thankful to see that the protrusion had already gone back in where it belonged!  Still, I washed the area and applied honey to the outside, to hopefully help keep it in :-)  Now we have to wait and see.  The good news is, if it is a prolapse only (and not being caused by some illness) then the rest of the flock will be ok.  Time will tell if Daisy will be ok.  One website suggested surgery if home remedies didn't work. But people, this chicken only cost us two dollars and I really can't see paying a vet bill for her!  Sorry to all you animal lovers out there if you think I'm horrible to think such a way.  The bad news is that the prolapse could be a sign of a calcium deficiency.  That's not horrible, it just means that the overall health of our flock isn't where it should be if that is the case.  Maybe it's just the one hen that has a deficiency, I don't know.  I think I may add a Bioplasma cell salt to their water to make sure they are getting what they need.  When I was making up their homemade feed I was actually crushing their egg shells to put in it.  Egg shells are high in calcium.  So it is odd that this would happen after days of doing so.  But maybe the feed on the whole was low in calcium?  Who knows. 

So for now Daisy is in the storage room in the barn, the place to herself.  We'll keep checking on her to see how she does. 

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