Monday, September 20, 2010

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I think I mentioned that I've been feeling crafty as of late. I have this really big itch to DO some crafty things. I have a list of about a gazillion things that I want to make. Ok, maybe only three or four things, but I think with all the other things I am *supposed* to do it does seem like a gazillion :-) On the one hand January seems so very far away, but then on the other hand when I think about all I want to accomplish before baby comes, it seems like there is definitely not enough time in the day or weeks left to get it all done. But I know I feel this way with every pregnancy, so I just need to do what I can, and once the baby comes I'll forget about all the other things I wanted to do :-)

I had another bad day, physically speaking, on Saturday. I seriously wish I could figure out what is going on. I made it to the girls' soccer games, but was feeling really worn out and 'funky'. I took a long break to sit in the shade, while trying to still watch Flannery's game and at the same time the boys play in a big sand pile. I think all the sun just added to me being worn out and by the time I got home I could not move! Dinner? Um, yeah...not happening. So I set out to Walmart to buy something....quick. Which translates into something not healthy. Actually I didn't make out too, too bad. I bought some hamburgers and fries to bake up. I was supposed to go to a local park to walk the trails and that did not happen. I was supposed to go the following day, and that still did not happen (although I did get out and walk in the near by neighborhood down the road).

So I've been sitting and doing a lot of reading. To the boys, and for myself. I've come across some old and new crafty ideas that I want to get a start on. On the smaller scale I want to make some Birdies, Flowers, and Stars to hang up around the house to make it more peppy in here. Then I've been holding off on continuing with Jonah's blanket as I just can't get into the color scheme that I had going on his hexagon blanket. I love the pattern, but the colors I had to work with....well they're just not doing it for me. So I'm not sure if I will just get different colors or tackle a different design. I am really wanting to give the Granny Stripe pattern a go. If I don't make it for Jonah I think I will make it for the new baby. But I'll need to wait for a trip to the craft store to pick up some new yarn. And then I came across a new to me blog that has some really neat crafty ideas for decorating and clothing/accessories. I was thinking that I might need a new diaper bag. The one we have is four years old and has been used and abused. It still functions, but a lot of things have started to disappear into the deep recesses of the lining (the lining has ripped away from the main bag areas). I thought about sewing it back up, and still might, but those linings are always so flimsy...why is that? Anyways this blog's newest post is on making a 2-in-1 messenger/stroller bag. Very cool! I love the 3-D butterfly wall hanging, and ....well too many to list! Have a look see for yourselves. Lots of fun!

Today I am hoping to get on top of some things that we've been behind in. Like cooking. I really need to cook up large batches of soaked grain items. Part of my energy problem may be that we've been eating too many non soaked grain items since I haven't had the time to prepare them properly. And before I head off... I thought it was funny that the other day I was reading a blog that I visit every once in a while and the last time I was there was about two weeks ago. At that time their children were wearing summer clothing. Then I visited the other day to see her kids playing outside with pants, sweaters/long sleeves, and one had a hat on! I thought maybe it was a recycled post, but nope....they live in Canada. Ha! Here I am dealing with some minor heat exhaustion (from the soccer game, both Flannery and I got it) and these kids are getting bundled up. Too weird! Another blog- health blog- was talking about preparing for the rainy season. They live in Washington state. Here I was bemoaning this coming week, seeing that temps are supposed to hit 96 degrees for a few days later this week (with low 90's) for the rest of the week. Now, I am thankful for our weather :-) At least our mornings are now cool and pleasant!

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