Thursday, October 07, 2010

Some odd pictures

It's been a little while.  Not a lot has happened around here, and I am trying to get things done, so little computer time.  I was at the chiropractors last week.  I talked to her about my fatigue.  She gave me some ideas to try out.  For some reason I seem to have had at least five good days in a row.  Not sure how much of it was the ideas (since I just started some) or the extra praying I've been doing. She also suggested that I make up a list of things that need to happen around here for me to have more energy, or make things run more smoothly.  Most of my list is diet stuff as that is where my energy needs to come from.  However, getting the girls more involved in the process may help things in the long run.  She reminded me that although I had no energy at the time, doing nothing will result in still having no energy.  So I can either be tired and do nothing and stay tired OR I can be tired, work through it to make the changes (and be tired in the process) and then the end result of getting some of my energy back.  Hmmmmm, not too hard of a decision, but not very easy to actually accomplish.  At least it seems that way with my 'long' list of things that I need to be doing to get some energy back.  So far my list consists of these things (this is from my memory, so I may be forgetting some things)

dive into God's word
drink at least 8-10 cups of water (which can include my tea)
drink at least 2-3 cups of red raspberry leaf tea (not for my energy, but for my upcoming labor)
soak ALL grains
take my vitamins, this new supplement for mold allergy, my homeopathic 'vitamins' and an omega 3 supp.
I also need to remember to rub in some cod liver oil onto my skin
have the girls be in charge of cooking up our veggies
lots of probiotics, LOTS
get rid of the dairy (we are drying up our goats now)
cut back on sugar, it's snuck in here and there
bulk cook to make daily cooking easier
no free time reading for girls until chores and school are done
dive into God's word (repeated because of it's importance)

Jeremiah and I have been making the concerted effort to make reforms in our marriage.  Which really comes down to each of us coming before the Lord and asking Him to change our hearts and our ways.  We've been reading a book called "Sacred Marriage".  I assure you it's like no other marriage book I've read!  It's 'hard' to read, only in the sense that you'll be convicted.  Ha, ha!  Those are the hardest books to read isn't it?  Anyways I have been trying to wake up a bit early to spend with the Lord.  It really makes a huge difference!  Right now, in my mind/heart more than any outward change at this moment.  But I know that will follow soon.  So one of the first mornings I did this I felt the need to reread the Restored Ministries International(RMI) books that I downloaded some 9 months ago or so.  But I figured that I would put it off for a while.  Then Jeremiah woke up and proceeded to tell me that I should really reread the RMI books!  Well, hows that for a 'sign'.  So I found my one partial hard copy and got to work reading and underlining.  I am through with what I have in print and will have to read the rest from the computer.  I am hoping to be able to print all of the books out at some point (we need more ink). I love their focus of relying totally on the Lord, Him being your all.  The picture of just falling at His feet and being his child.  Anyways, that's what I have been up to.  A lot of other things have been going undone for the moment so that I can focus on some of these things. 

I was able to obtain a sewing machine, borrowing one from someone at church, as mine is still broken.  I finished up the girls headbands as a tester project.  Machines are so different and I didn't want to start on a harder project and get more frustrated with tyring to use a new machine.  So those are done now, and now I will attempt to turn my maternity jeans into maternity skirts.  And then I bought a pair of pants at the thrift store that I plan on making into maternity pants.  It should prove interesting at the very least :-)

Here are a few pictures of some odds and ends around here.  The quality is REALLY bad.  No, really it is.  It is much easier to use my current lens outside where I can stand thirty feet back.  It proves much more difficult for inside shots when I can only get back ten to twelve feet.  Not to mention it is late afternoon and that just means really bad natural lighting in our house.  We do not have a sunny house.  Not shady by any means, just not really good for natural light most of the hours of the day. 

Here is Flannery having just cut off a loop from our count down chain.  What are we counting down?  Well I had just hit the 100 days till my due date mark a handful of days ago and decided we would make a chain to countdown.  I marked (most) each week with a flower as well.

Here is part of the chain.  It resides between the living room and dining room doorway.

This is the end of the chain, where I made one large, blue, and pink loop for the due date.  I am really, REALLY hoping I don't get to that loop.  I've only been late twice and I don't like it one little bit :-)

Oh, a very exciting picture of my new lids!  I'm sure you were just all itching to see them!  Ha, ha!  These are my ever so wonderful, life transforming gamma seal lids.  Ok, so I am exaggerating....a little....but seriously if you've been prying of the paint type lids for years, do yourself a favor and purchase some of these lids, it makes it a pleasant experience to restock my grain jars.

This is the 'dish' I painted at the clay shop on our Mother/Daughter time away.  It has all of the kids on it.  For some reason the blond hair color came out just like the brown hair color (on the girls).   It was fun to do.  I would have taken a picture of Isabella's soccer ball bank, but I had enough of a hard time trying to get my camera to take this shot that I wasn't willing for anymore of a headache.  Maybe another time. 

Off to make some dinner and get the kiddos doing their chores.  We've been milking someone elses goat while they are away and that has made our mornings go a bit differently than normal.

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How are you?

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May God continue to bless your family abundantly!


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