Monday, September 20, 2010

A recipe to share

Sitting here waiting for some juice to take affect....low blood sugar.  Got a bunch of things done this morning, yeah!  And will be taking off soon for Jed's speech therapy.  I was thinking earlier that I hadn't shared the yummy cheesecake recipe that I had made for Jeremiah's birthday.  Cheesecake is Jeremiah's favorite.  We have the slight problem of the incorrect cook ware to make a proper cheesecakes.  Plus, personally, regular cheesecake makes it seem like my mouth is being glued shut due to it's dry nature.  So I hopped on my favorite recipe finding site (All Recipes) and found a no cook cheesecake.  I always make sure to read the reviews as other people will leave some great tips on making the recipe better.  I did make the adjustment of using one and a half packages of cream cheese as there were reported problems with the cake setting.  It says to let it cool in the fridge for at least five hours.  I didn't have that long, only three, but it still came out great!  It held together just fine, but instead of the dryness of regular cheesecake, this was nice and moist.  Oh, YUM!!  I used a cherry pie filling as a topping for one and a strawberry pie filling for the topping of the other.  Apparently no one cared that it wasn't authentic cheesecake because it was eaten up lickety split!  So is you are looking for a cheesecake recipe, check out this ONE.

And I suppose you could make it healthy, and probiotic, if you use yogurt cheese to make it with.  Can't vouch for how it will turn out, but hey...I might try it sometime.  After all someone needs to find out if it will work ;-)  Either that or I am just looking for an excuse to make this again.  I'm not saying.

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