Monday, August 09, 2010

A week in food

I thought I would post our menu for the week today and then each day take pictures of our meals and the prep work.  Maybe not very exciting, but it might help someone see how doable eating NT is.  Or how not doable that it may be!  Ha!  Either way I hope it helps someone.  I will have a few other posts as well due to Jed's new communication device coming in and his GI appointment, but I am hoping to keep up with the food posts.  There are so many great blogs out there for inspiration for eating NT, and some great informative sites to explain why this way of eating is so healthy.  So I will leave it to those blogs to do that work :-)  I might give brief explanations here and there, but otherwise you will probably get more information by checking out some more specific blogs.  Right now we are eating NT style, which is Nourishing Traditions.  I have been talking a lot about GAPS recently, but we are not eating that way....yet.

My menu for this week:

Sunday:  Tonight I am doing the following prep work:  Drying out the oats that I had soaked the night before to make into granola for tomorrow's breakfast.  I will also soak my flour for corn bread, and finish up cooking a pot of beans for tomorrow's chili.  The beans were soaked the night before.

B: granola with yogurt and fruit [start roast cooking in crock pot for tomorrow's beef stew]
L: smoothies
D: chili, cornbread and salad
Prep: soak pancake batter and dough for rolls

B: pancakes with fruit topping
L: tortillas with beans and salad (I made a large batch of soaked tortillas this weekend)
D: beef stew and rolls
Prep: soak biscuit dough and soak noodle dough

B: eggs and biscuits
L: tortillas with beans and salad
D: chicken broccoli alfredo
Prep: none

B: granola with  yogurt and fruit
L; alfredo leftovers
D: baked potatoes with chili topping
Prep:  soak pizza dough

B: pancakes with fruit topping
L: beef stew and rolls
D: pizza
Prep: soak tortilla dough

B: smoothies
L: beef stew or chili leftovers with salad
D: tacos

As you can see I am utilizing a lot of leftovers for lunches. This just cuts down on my work load.  With our breakfast there will be some days that we will have fresh juice. I finally used my wheat grass grinder.  Much more effective than our juicer.  Plus the wheat grass juice should help with my iron levels.  My children snack between meals.  Snacks are usually just fruit or pop corn.  Sometimes they will whip up some eggs for themselves.  Or I might make a smoothie to tie people over till dinner.  Just depends on how much time/energy I have to put towards snacks.  I recently won an e-cook book dedicated to snacks, NT style.  I will have to bring that up and try a few things out.  For now I am just trying to keep things as simple as I possibly can.  What I don't have down for prep work is when I need to make yogurt, kombucha and water kefir.  Plus I have Emily, our beloved sough dough starter.  Yes, we named our starter :-)  I plan on using it for the first time to make a pizza crust this Friday.  From some of the yogurt I also plan on making some cream cheese/sour cream for dips.  That way the kids can also have veggies and dip for snacks.  Some of those extras will be talked about in each daily post. 

Now I'm not promising that I'll be able to follow through with all of this, but I am going to try.  Things can get busy quick around here! 


Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

I have heard of soaking grains, but soaking dough is totally a new idea to me.
Do you all really eat so little food? Smoothies for lunch would starve my tribe! Even when I do smoothies for breakfast, I have to let them have a "side" of peanut butter on bread.
Maybe we are just overeating.

(Kerri) said...

I think I may just be using my terms wrong. By soaking my dough I was refering to having ground my grains, then adding in the appropriate soaking medium. So for pancakes I take four cups of flour and add two cups of buttermilk plus around 3 cups of water, stir and soak overnight.

Do we eat so little? Ha, ha!! NO way! I guess when I mentioned my kids snacks I should have been more specific to say they snack all day long! Although I do put in a couple of raw egg yolks to my smoothies to help with the lasting power :-) It makes it a natural protein drink.


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