Friday, August 13, 2010

A connection?

So yesterday I signed up for two email groups that are set up to help people on the GAPS diet. One of the moderators sent me a little welcome, and in her sign off she had her family's blog address. The blog details, day by day of their experience on the GAPS diet.  I decided I would read from the beginning.  Granted there are other things that I could or maybe even should be doing, but I felt very compelled to start to read, just a few posts at a time, here and there.  She wrote about the link between sulfuric foods and mercury.  Specifically that sulfuric foods will bring out mercury symptoms due to a certain compound in these types of foods.  Very, very interesting to say the least.  I read it, didn't really think any more on it until I realized that it is now one in the afternoon and Jedidiah has not had ONE screaming fit.  The past week Jed has had a lot of screaming fits.  These are not the typical, he's just being a 'bad' boy, kind of fits.  These are the something is bothering his brain types of fits.  Right now as I speak Jed and Jonah are sitting within two feet of each other looking at books.  They are both silently reading.  Two days ago Jed would not be able to tolerate Jonah within two feet of him, nor could he tolerate sharing thirty books between the two of them.  So I started thinking about what I read earlier today.  One of the foods that are sulfuric is eggs.  Due to the change in our diet we have been eating eggs every day this week, with the exception of yesterday and today.  Every day this week Jed has had screaming fits.  But not today!  It was getting so bad I had to put Jed in their bedroom and lock the door so that Jonah could not get in.  Jed can get out as the door is not locked on his side, but this kept Jonah from getting anywhere near him, and kept his sisters from getting any where near him.  That way we had at least fifteen minutes of quiet, until Jed decided to come out (he was not being forced to stay in the room, he could come out any time he wished).  But then the screaming would start up immediately all over again.  Seriously it gets very tiring, and again, this isn't a normal discipline issue, it's one of Jed's mercury issues.  I have to find the line between teaching him that that behavior is wrong, at the same time understanding that it is very much like someone on a drug that has no control over what they are doing.  I am going to keep him egg free for another two days and see if his fit free days continue.  Then I will add some eggs in and observe his reaction.  This is good and bad.  Good, because I can then avoid one of the foods that are causing him issues, bad because the eggs are a big part of the GAPS diet and are supposed to be very healing (except when one has bad reactions).  This will just alter what foods I give him on the full GAPS diet.  I am realizing that although the initial GAPS diet never had an intro diet, that at least for Jed the intro diet may indeed be something we have to work towards to see a more complete healing. 

I am so very thankful for the people and families who have gone before me in this journey.  It has seriously been a much more easier day without the constant screaming.  Had I not read what I read this morning I would have never put two and two together.


Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

Hmmm, that is very interesting. So, eggs make mercury (toxicity?) worse. I will be paying close attention to this with my Nelson. As some days he is like a whole different person. We eat eggs for breakfast about once a week. I will definitely be paying attention!
Thanks for this tidbit.

P.S - Ooopppps, I still have not replied to your e-mail! I am so sorry! Will you forgive me, if you know that we are actually doing real, full-day school this week? I really mean to write back soon!

HomeschoolMama said...

Hi. I finally found a little time to explore your blog and the first post I read is this one. I'm the one whose blog you read about the sulfur/mercury connection.

We started the GAPS intro diet again and I am happy to say that we are adding eggs in this time, but very slowly. My little guy (3 years old) who reacted to a vaccine a year ago is up to a tbs of egg yolk in his broth once a day. My other kids and I can tolerate one to two yolks a day.

You will have to do your research, but my understanding is that it is a healing food and it will help to chelate the mercury, but if you mobilize more than the body can excrete, then it will be redeposited somewhere else in the body. I think this is why we must go so very slow.

I am convinced we need the nutritional benefit from the egg yolks, but I will not go so fast to bring on too much discomfort, pain, anger, or seizures.

I am glad you made the connection. I would encourage you to include as much as can be tolerated. But, of course, do your research.


HomeschoolMama said...
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