Sunday, August 08, 2010

Chocolate milk

Yes, you are about to see a few posts from me in one day.  Only because the topics seem to be totally non related (not that that has stopped me from posting multiple topics in one post), but also because I wanted the most important post to be separate (the prayer request).

Anyways on to this topic:  chocolate milk.  Now some might not think that chocolate milk and healthy eating can go hand in hand.  But it just depends on how you make it! This is NOT my idea, I got it off of the gnowfglins site (or her personal site).  I tried once before and it didn't turn out too great with the amount of ingredients that I used.  I decided to try my hand at it again.  I am taking a prenatal vitamin now (six per day---which is the dosage) and I thought it might be easier to swallow them with something that goes down smooth (milk) and that had a bit more taste to it (chocolate).  You have to understand (no laughing Jeremiah and Tracy!) that I have a wee bit of a problem swallowing pills.  And that is putting it mildly!  So in my effort to make sure I take my pills I gave the chocolate milk another try.  These are only approximate amounts, but should give you a start if you so choose to try this yourself.

1 cup raw milk
1 tsp cocoa powder (or carob)
2 drops of liquid stevia

Put it all into a blender (I tried just shaking it up and the chocolate wouldn't dissolve) for a few seconds and drink up!  My girls have not had chocolate milk in years!  We've had chocolate smoothies for some time now, but I didn't think there was another way to make chocolate milk without Hershey's syrup or Olvatine.  You can adjust the ingredients to taste.  I thought it was yummy, Jeremiah thought it needed more sweetener. 

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Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

I gag on my pills every day! I know I need them, and I want to take them... still I choke. Paul says it is all in my head. But, I think I read in Nourishing Traditions (or somewhere?) that there is actually a vitamin deficiency that causes that problem... who knows.

I am enjoying all your posts.

So glad that you are getting more eggs. I am all for locking the chicken in at night!, but we recently had friends lose 30 broilers because a child forgot to let them out in the morning! But, my FIL is pretty laid back with his chickens, and he often forgets to open up the doors before noon... and often forgets to shut them to well after dark...and he wonders why he has mink, skunks, opossums, and more eating his eggs!


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