Sunday, August 08, 2010

Some visitors to the homestead

There's nothing quite like having some visitors over to your home.  It's always nice to engage in edifying dialogue.  It's nice to share a meal together.  I always like finding new recipes to try or getting to ask our visitors for the recipe for the dish they brought over.  I have to say that our most recent visitors we a bit on the weird side.  I know, how horrible to speak poorly of your visitors.  But I think you'll agree that both of our visitors were not exactly good conversationalists.  Not only that but the meal that one of them brought with, you couldn't pay me to eat!  Before you think I am being entirely rude do check out the photos of our guests to see what I mean :-)

Guest number one.  Very, very quiet, never says a word. 

And this little guy brought his meal with him, literally hanging out of his mouth.  What was he eating?  Thankfully he is too little to be eating any of our chicken eggs.  Instead he was feasting on eye of newt.  Well very close to it!  Moira had bent down to grab a little lizard.  They are plentiful around here.  She was quite surprised that this little snake beat her to it!  When Jeremiah brought him up on the porch the lizard was about a one fourth of the way swallowed.  We had the 'privilage' of watching the snake swallow the other three fourths.  Not to mention how weird it is to see the large lump in the snake's body moving down!  So we might not have had the best of visitors, but it most certainly could be considered science class for the day!

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