Monday, August 09, 2010

No photos! and Dynavox is here!

See, the first day, and I mess up!  I kept forgetting I was supposed to be taking pictures of my food until after we were done eating and it was put away!  I will try again tomorrow. 

Jedidiah's Dynavox made it here by 6:30 PM.  Nothing like waiting all day!  We had just sat down to eat when I heard the truck pull up.  Jed had asked me at least twice today about his computer being here :-)  Finally it made it.  And boy I was not prepared for how large the box was going to be!  I mean the device isn't that big, just how much room does it need.  I opened the box to find a lot more than just the device.  It also came with a keyboard and mouse, some card thingie to put in the side, a carrying case, and a whole lot of books.  You have to love a "Quick Start Guide" that has to be at least 100 pages long!!!!  Quick?!?!  There were way too many hands wanting to touch, feel, and press.  So I put it back in the box and we went back to our dinner.  Once everyone seemed to be occupied I brought it back out.  Only Jonah hung around.  He was quite enamoured with this little computer.  When I finally finished the set up and called Jed over to try the demos out mister Jonah couldn't keep his hands off!  That led to a lot of crying.  So I put it away.  It looks like Jeremiah and I will spend our evenings (after the boys go to bed) reading the manual, and watching the instructional DVD's.  I was pretty sure that the machine came with boardmaker, or similar, but now I'm not too sure.  We were assured that there were tons of icons to choose from, but when Jeremiah was tinkering with it he couldn't find them. 

Now the boys are in bed, and I think I will take a few minutes to look over some of the tutorials. 

Tomorrow *should* be Jed's last day as Borg-Boy!!!  I am hesitant to tell him that it is his last day with his tube though. 

Aside from all of that I have a few blogs I would like to share coming up soon.  Just some neat sites with some neat ideas.  But too tired to do so right now!  Good night all!

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