Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our grocery shopping day in pictures

First a big Grrrrrr to Blogger.  I had one more picture to upload and my computer froze.  The computer freezing isn't Blogger's fault, but because of how the pictures get uploaded I had to re-upload all my pictures.  This time I did them one at a time.  Which takes way too much time!  Ugh!  Oh well, it's not like I was going to do much else as I am totally zonked!

These are not exciting pictures....at all.  But it's what it looked like today around these parts.  We started by getting some gas.  Always a good thing, nothing worse than being stranded on the road side with 6 kids in 97 degree heat.  Ran to the post office.  We then went to the bank.  After that I headed to Aldi's.  It's been a long time since we've been there and I thought we would take another look see to see if we were missing out on any savings.  Um, nope.  At least not worth it for the extra drive and the amount I would be saving.  Then we went to BJ's.  This is when I whipped out the camera. 

Jed and Jonah wanted to ride in the car cart.  No problem, that works for me.  I brought in the stroller just in case.  It held the diaper bag, Isa's bag and a few things that didn't fit in the cart.  Here the boys are munching on grapes.

Isabella and Flannery munching on grapes as well.  The grapes come in a 3 pound box.  A grape funny:  Isabella was helping me at the check out.  She was scanning and I was loading the cart back up (we went through self check out).  However she scanned the grapes, which were now empty, and put them on the belt.  However the detector realized that the weight wasn't matching up!  So it sent them back.  Someone came over to help, and Isabella didn't see this person behind her.  So I told Isa to tell the lady "what happened to the grapes."  The lady says, "Oh, what happened to the grapes?"  I told her that Isa scanned them, but the container was now empty so the system wouldn't process them.  She look bewildered so I told her that we ate all the grapes.  At this point I had sent three of the girls to sit at a table and Jonah was in the stroller out of site from the lady.  She says, "You at ALL of the grapes?!?"  She was truly surprised, until I told her I had six children who ate them up!  Ha, ha! 

Here is our loot from BJ's.  A cart filled to the top.  It doesn't seem to look like as much in the picture as it did in real life. 
After BJ's we headed to Walmart.  But first stop was the Blimpie right inside Walmart.  We shared three subs and two drinks.  Yeah, no wonder when we get sick we *all* get sick :-)  But I'm cheap and there is no way that I'm spending that much money on drinks.  Actually we usually run to get some juice and share that (in separate cups) as that is even cheaper.  But by this point I was already getting weary and I didn't want any unnecessary trips.

Flannery very excited to dig in.  Jed looking on.

This is not a great picture of all our loot from Walmart.  But it's the only one I got.  We had three carts.  Not because we needed three, but because the girls begged me to split the grocery list up so that they could pair off.  I usually don't do that, but I took the time to split the list up.  It really did make things go faster.  However at the end Isabella told me she couldnt' find a few things so we had this huge caravan waltzing through the isles trying to find the 'missing' items.

Isabella the power house.  She's the one that does all the heavy lifting for me (when Jeremiah is not around). Seriously if she wasn't with me I would not have gotten the dog food or the goat and chicken feed either. 

This is what my passenger seat looked like.  There were about six bags between the seats.

Here we are waiting in the van for Isabella to come back with the animal feed.  Saoirse's look says it all!  Jed and Jonah passed out.  It was SO hot in the van, we all felt like we were melting.  The seat next to Jonah is filled, behind Saoirse is our new fan and a completely filled cooler.  On the floor at Saoirse's feet are another five or so bags.

                                          Here is what the side of the van (by the doors) looked like.  Packed full.  Looking at these photos doesn't really give the cramped feeling like we were experiencing in real life :-)

Flannery asked to take a picture of me.  This is me *totally* exhausted.  After this we went home.  And of course, that just meant more work as we needed to unload ALL of that stuff!!!  This time I pulled the van up to the back of the house.  I can get as far as the dog fence.  This saves us from going up the steps with all of those bags.  Someone unbuckled Jonah which made things more difficult.  It's so much easier to unload with both boys strapped in their seats.  Oh well.  I put him in the house and Jed went to the trampoline.  It took a while to unload the van, and then to put everything away.  We left at 10 AM and by the time we were finally done putting all the groceries away it was almost 5 PM.  Long, long day.  And by golly those boys wanted to go outside a little while later!! No way, no how!!  Sorry but I am totally beat.  They will be going to bed on time or early as Jonah is a basketcase. 

For dinner I picked out a quick and oh so healthy dinner.....polish sausage and tater tots.  Yeah, really healthy :-)  Our fridge is full, and our tummies will be soon.  I have to somehow find the energy to make up lunch ahead of time for Jeremiah to take to work tomorrow.  Either that or he will have to fend for himself tomorrow.  That's the only down side to the cupboards getting bare at the end of the month.  It takes all my energy to restock them and then I can't do much of anything for food that night.  Oh well.  Maybe one of these days I'll be ahead of the game.

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