Monday, August 23, 2010

The start of the new school year

So today was the big day.  We started the 'official' schooling around here.  I say official, because I am trying to teach my children that we are learning all the time, and there shouldn't be a time to shut off our brains :-)  But as far as actually pulling out the math books, or purposely teaching reading, well that started today.  I had written everything that needed to be done down on paper.  I had each child either working with me, working on their own or watching the boys.  It happened to have time slots, but I had no intention of trying to keep to a schedule.  I just needed to see, if on paper, we were supposed to get done within a reasonable time frame.  And by golly we did!  In real life that is!  My schedules never seem to work out like they are supposed to on paper.  But this one was pretty close.  Everything got done, with no rushing.  We had outside time as well.  The late afternoon there is nothing scheduled.  This way we can catch up on things if need be.  Plus starting this week the girls start soccer practice.  Although that is not until the evenings I wanted to make sure we were not packing our days so that we were going non stop.  Jed hasn't started speech yet, so I am not sure how much adjustment we will need to make.  I am assuming he will still be in speech three times a week, and quite possibly all at different times, like last year. 

It was an adjustment for the girls to have to be "working" so much.  Ha, ha!  Nothing was hard to do, they just didn't want to have to keep thinking, using those brain muscles hurt!  The younger girls were happy to be watching the boys.  I'm not sure how happy the boys were though :-)  I told them that they only needed to make sure that the boys didn't get into trouble.  Play with them if they wanted to, but nothing fancy needed to happen.  Well they got it in them that they would be the teachers and the boys the students.  Um, yeah, that didn't quite work out.  The boys just wanted to play with the cards, not have to play an organized game with them.  Jonah was pretty ok with it, but Jed was starting to freak out.  I am sure they will all get used to the new set up, we'll just have to work out the bumps. 

We were able to get outside in the afternoon. It's been a while since I've been outside with the boys for a long stretch of time.  I've not been able to deal with the heat this summer. Today I felt up to taking them out and even brought my camera out to take some pictures.  So I compose my first shot with Jonah, hit my shutter button half way down for it to focus and instead of focusing it got more blurry.  That's odd I thought.  So I let go of the button, redid the set up and pressed the button half way down again, only to get a totally blurry view from the view window.  I take a look at my camera to see that the front half of the lens popped off onto the gravel driveway!!!  Sigh.  A big Sigh!  I picked it up, dusted it off, then tried to put it together again.  Wasn't happenin'.  Sigh.  Jeremiah took a look at it tonight only to find the reason it wouldn't reattach was because one of the tabs was broken inside.  So we will take it to a camera shop (sometime in the future) to see if it can be fixed.  I do have another lens, but it's not great on close range shots.  So I asked Isabella to get me the family camera. It only had two batteries in it, it needs four.  I got a couple more, but they were not charged.  Oh well, no picture taking for me today. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything went today. I had put together some food prep items Sunday and was a bit nervous to see if I would get to it all today.  And behold, I did! I was able to cook up two pots of beans, strain the chicken stock that was percolating all night, and dehydrate the soaking oats.  I am really trying hard to make sure we have all our grains soaked as I see a difference in my ability to think and talk straight when I do.  So hopefully tomorrow we will have the oats made into granola, and the beans will be used for bean burritos for lunch and baked beans with corn bread for dinner.  Speaking of tomorrow I need to get to bed to make sure I have the sleep I need to make this all run smoothly.  Sleep helps. A lot :-)

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