Friday, August 20, 2010

Because Mom doesn't have enough to worry about

Here is how to make your mother worry:

First spend years on a feeding tube.

Next, after many long months and mixing remedies start to eat on your own.

After that make sure to throw a wrench into the mix when it comes to "Tube Pull Out Day" and make sure your weight falls a wee bit from your already low growth curve.

After you get said tube removed make sure to eat sparingly at one meal, and maybe even the next (remember your mother has nothing else in her life to worry about, you have to see fit to fill that void) and then to make sure she doesn't drop dead of stress eat your fill at the third meal.

But above all else do make sure that one week past tube removal you get a tummy bug. After all any ole sickness will not do!

I am sure this recipe will vary for each child, and for some reason they are really keen to adapt this recipe to their liking.

I spent the morning on the couch with Jed who didn't look too well this morning.  I was hoping he would answer, "Yes" to my question of, "Are you tired?"  But of course not, he said, "No."  I then asked him if anything hurt, which he said, "Yesh." (that's Jed speak for 'yes').  Heart sinks.  I then asked where it hurt, and my heart sank further when he pointed to his tummy.  Soon thereafter he plopped himself on the couch and fell asleep.  I woke him *two hours* later to see if he wanted to eat.  We were having eggs, not a good choice for him on many accounts, but it's what I had to make for breakfast.  He looked very grateful for some food.  After about three bites he promptly threw up.  Yes, of course.  Sigh.  There is good news though (and some bad).  The good news is that he only threw up that one time.  I spent a lot of time with him on the couch in which he complained of his tummy hurting for much of that time :-(  I decided to pull out a remedy and see if that would help.  Not sure if that is what helped or not, but he felt well enough to keep eating.  He polished off FIVE eggs!!  With ketchup I might add!!  The bad news is he ate five eggs.  Oh, yeah, I know that seemed like the good news, except that we can expect a whole LOT of screaming fits to start in approximately 6 or so hours.  I am going to try to see if I can find a way to give him some chlorela, which is supposed to bind with the mercury, in hopes it might lessen his reaction.

And then to throw a wrench into the situation (but of course) he started with holding one of his ears and saying it hurt.  A while later it was both is ears.  Really?  Why can't he just have a tummy bug. I mean who gets a tummy ache and painful ears?  Anyone?  Sigh.

Despite all of the commotion this morning I was able to manage to do the dishes, put together our dough for tortillas tonight, mix and start cooking a new cereal recipe, and put together some cinnamon rolls for lunch (which are rising as we speak).  Thankfully I was very insistent with the girls that the house get cleaned up way in advance of Isa's party this weekend.  That meant I was able to sit on the couch with Jed without thinking about all that needed doing, since it was already done :-)  Little bits here and there, but that should be done soon.  I have to reorganize the school book shelf, and put together some sort of routine for this Monday.  I will need to pair up two girls with the two boys so that I can do reading with the other two girls, and then have them switch.  Easier said than done, especially since I have to schedule three girls to do math.  Two of the girls could do it at the same time.  All three older girls will be doing math via DVD's this year.  Moira and Flannery are pretty excited about that.  Isabella actually prefers to take her math book in her room and get it done.  The only problem is accountability.  I'm really bad at checking their work on a daily basis.  And when I do get to it, it takes a while to figure out what she needs to redo.  The DVD will help with that....hopefully :-)

Ok, off to do some more cooking and organizing.  And I should not fail to exclaim:


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