Friday, July 29, 2011

Prayers are good...very good

Prayers for my sanity.  I feel like there is nothing we can do and come out on top.  I know that this feeling is only a feeling, but it's pretty darn real :-)  So the baby came down with a low grade fever yesterday.  He was fussy, but no other noticeable symptoms.  Today his fever got very high, and his right eye was a bit pink.  I really could not handle all of this, so Jeremiah took him to the urgent care.  It appears that he has a throat infection of some sort and a low grade ear infection.  This is concerning only because Flannery has been starting to show signs of 'purging' her underlying problem (presumed to be strep).  The baby will be covered with the antibiotics they prescribed to him.  I will say that if anyone else comes down with an infection this week I am going to give everyone antibiotics!!  Seriously, I think I will cut my losses, use the drugs and regroup later. 

I am discouraged and unsure.  I know that there will be phases in life that are just busier, harder, more work than others, and apparently we are in one of them.  How wonderful it was to have received the newest copy of Above Rubies in the mail this afternoon.  It brought great nuggets of truth from God's word. 

It's getting late, I need to get ready for bed.  I am praying that the baby will have a good nights sleep tonight.  And praying that the rest of us stay well. 

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