Monday, July 18, 2011

The view from here

This is the view that *I* have from where I sit:

  You see, we just can't seem to get enough of the wonderful hospitals around here!  I missed out at being with Moira so much I thought I needed my own turn to see how it all works :-)

Yeah, pretty cool huh?  NOT!!  That my friends is a photo of an immobilized knee.  A broken knee cap to be particular.  I am to make sure that I keep my leg *straight* at all times.  Emphasis comes from from the nurse practitioner that I saw. 

I really don't feel like typing out the whole story in detail, but here are the key points:

We were in Target looking for shoes for Flannery, we were moving on from there and Jonah went to run ahead of me.

I tripped, with the baby in my arms. 

I did all I could to try to keep the baby from hitting the floor.

I fell on my left knee.

Baby still got a bonk on the head.  But he is fine, we had him checked out at the hospital as well.

My patella has a crack that runs from one side straight to the other.  I risk it snapping in half should I bend my knee. 

Lots and lots of fun......that is a joke :-)

All of our summer plans, what ever they might be, are now totally changed!  Lickety split just like that.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

OUCH! Poor thing...I feel so terrible and will pray that you keep your knee straight, everything heals perfect (and quickly)!! And here I have been complaining about my stupid broken second toe, this really put that in perspective. I hope it's not as painful as that sounds...BIG HUG!!! xo

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