Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday bash

So another birthday bash down, and we all survived! Ha!  It's been a wild couple of days, trying to get everything ready.  We had a bunch of cleaning to do.  We finally got it all done the day before, and a we needed to just do a quick clean the day of.  Well, except for a sweep of the outside.  The guests were looking forward to being shown how we milk our goats.  All of them got a turn to try milking.  It's funny how something we find so normal, and ho hum, is very exciting to someone else :-) 

For future birthdays I will know to never, ever plan a birthday party on pay day, when we have to go out and buy everthing that morning for a party later that afternoon. Ugh. It all worked out in the end, and I think everyone had a great time, I just don't want to rush everything again.

Moira learned a valuable lesson on budgeting. She had a birthday budget to buy all her food and games and she was quite surprised how far (or not) that it got her. Thankfully we worked things out to make it all work, but one game she had hoped to do. But really, after it was all said and done, I don't think she missed it. We had time for the guests to arrive and hang out for a bit. We played a version of pin the tail on the doneky....we called it, pin the pallet on the artist. Then we had a splendid time of painting. Painting with a twist. It was a game to see who could do the best painting (color by number), but painting with no hands :-) Yup, they had to put the paint brush in their mouth, hands behind their back and do the painting. Isabella and Molly were the judges. Both of these girls did an awesome job managing the games, and food. Seriously there is a huge difference between the birthday parties of our five year olds, compared to this birthday party!! Huge, huge differences!! I put all plans in Moira's hands, with our final approval. She had to prioritize the goods, to fit her budget. I did have to marshal everyone the days before with the cleaning, but the day of Isabella made up a list of everything that was left, needing to be done. That girl is queen of lists!!! They got it all done, and put together. Saoirse even helped make the cakes.

After the painting, we headed out for some piniata fun. Then we came inside for presents, food, cake and a movie. And the night ended with a pillow fight. A short pillow fight. The first time someone swiped at our overhead light (which has met it's end twice now) I called it quits. I couldn't imagine trying to manage 12 girls and a floor full of broken glass.

Here are some of the pictures of the fun that everyone had:

Looks like party time!

Isabella put up the streamers.  She did a great job.

Here is the pin the pallet on the artist.

Jonah was wondering why these crazy girls were painting with their mouths!  He was smart enough to paint the proper way :-)

They didn't have a time limit, but we told them to go quickly, but to fill the whole picture in.

During the painting I realized we should have taped the pictures in place.  Oh, well, that just added to the challenge.

Our two judges and helpers for the party.  These girls did a fantastic job of keeping everyone where they needed to be.

Hey, wait a minute, what are you judges up to?

What's this?  Painting with your finger?

These silly judges had a trick up their sleeve.  They took that finger painting and tried to pass it off that Jonah did it and that he had one the painting contest.  No one bought it though.  Nice try.

My wee boogie looking on at the fun.

Saoirse taking her turn at the pinata.

Moira lighting her own candles.  She had two cakes.  One vanilla, one strawberry.  She had the number one candle on one cake and the number two candle on the other cake.

Singing the beloved birthday song.

Pillow fight breaks out.

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