Monday, August 01, 2011

Baby boy update and more

I am very happy to report that baby Aubrey is feeling much better.  Even more so since we bought some Desitin.  Let's just say that the antibiotics are not being kind to his gut.  Besides sleeping a lot more than usual, he has been acting his normal, happy, inquisitive self.  For that I am very grateful!! 

Unfortunately now that he's feeling better we actually had a chicken become sick looking.  My Mom took Isabella and Jonah with her to the Tractor and Supply store to get some powdered antibiotics.  We gave it to the chickens.  However I was doubting if she was drinking much, so I asked Jeremiah to give her the injectable antibiotic.  Not one minute later the poor chicken was dead!  Oh, how sad.  It was Saoirse's chicken, named Honey-Bear.  Not being sure what she died of we will have to watch the rest of the flock closely.  I am hoping it is something on the simple side, like the heat got the best of her?  But her comb was turning purple, more and more as the day progressed, meaning a lack of oxygen.  Not sure what to make of it.

I wrote up a bit of a routine, a very, very loose one.  The kiddo's really do much better with some direction.  I'll admit that they have been watching way too many movies/cartoons.  This really has to stop.  So I've outlined the following 'routine' ( I type this out here so that I have a copy of it as well, paper copies have a way of disappearing):

8:00--get up
tidy bedrooms
put a load of laundry in
milk goats/feed dogs (Isabella)
play outside
wash up and get dressed in clean clothes

room tidy up (assigned rooms)
girls take turns helping boys clean up their room
reboot laundry

11:30--school time:
Math -Saoirse with me
           Isabella and Flannery with DVD math
           Moira with the boys
Reading/Phonics/Spelling-Saoirse with me
           Flannery next, with me
           Moira on Math
           Isabella with boys
Spelling/Handwriting-spelling with Isa and Moira
           Handwriting for Saoirse and Flan
            Isa and Moira journaling
Science/Nature Study--2-3 times a week with all girls

2:00--quick tidy, clean up school things
have snack/light lunch
reboot laundry

3:00--free time

5:00--help with dinner
put last load of laundry into drier (no more wash)

6:00--History with Dad


7:30--dinner clean up
put laundry away
room tidy
milk goats
family worship

9:00--bed time

That is it in a nut shell.  Seems all nice and 'pretty' on paper :-)  Ha, ha!  Today I had the girls clean up the bedrooms, which will make 'tidying' them up much easier.  I am hoping that this will help us regain some normalcy.  Today has been two full weeks since my fall.  The good news is that I feel no pain as long as I am hanging on the couch.  I can now walk the length of the house (with crutches) with minimal pain, *but* after that the pain starts building and building.  I can't be up more than 2 or 3 minutes before my knee is very much uncomfortably painful.  Oy.  I feel like a broken record....I guess I just need to be patient.  I'm not seeing how this is going to turn into something I can walk on with out crutches before the 6 weeks is up.  It just seems that this recovery thing is going ever so slowly. It seems that every two days or so I tweak my leg/knee.  Nothing major, but I seem to take two steps forward and one step back.  I am sure you are all getting bored of my knee talk by now!  Sorry about that. 

Not much else going on...and I would really like to keep it that way!

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