Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some forgotten birthday pictures

Here are a few birthday pictures from Jed's official birthday dinner/cake, and Moira's official birthday dinner (cake to come on her party day).  For some reason all the pictures look really grainy and blurry when I uploaded them to Blogger.  I'm not sure why it does that!  Crazy I tell ya!

Jed's smile always amazes me.  He's had such a huge smile since the time he was a wee little one :-)

For the record Jed asked for strawberry cake, which by default happens to be pink.  He even wanted 'strawberry' sprinkles!  So he got one very pink cake!  Isabella added a bit more pizazz with some whipped topping.

Sisters sharing in the celebration.

Moira is not pictured as she was spending the week with her Nana.

We didn't have any candles so a lighter had to do.  I had a terrible time trying to get it to light, and then we had a terrible time trying to get a picture of Jed 'blowing' it out!  Ha, ha!  Jed must have blown out that 'candle' 15 times!

Just a cutie pie picture that was on my camera card.

And another one.

Moira with her birthday dinner in hand.  She and I made some chicken alfredo.

I had a few other helpers when it came time to serve up the birthday dinner.  Moira didn't want anyone else to help with the dinner making, but she was fine with everyone helping to serve it up.  Flannery is cutting up the beloved cranberry sauce.

All Jonah wanted for dinner was the cranberry sauce.  Not to mention Jed ate his up first and wanted seconds, and thirds...

We're a crazy bunch I tell ya.

We were in desperate need of some new bowls and plates.  Walmart had some very colorful plates that I grabbed last month.  This month they were marked down so I bought some more plates and bowls this time around.  So now our meal time is a rainbow of a time!

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