Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The scoop on Flannery

Our alternative practitioner (a.p.) had an opening yesterday afternoon that she offered to us.  I took her up on it, even though my sister was in town.  My sister was so kind to stay home with all my kiddos (minus Flannery and Isabella).  My mom drove us to the appointment.  I know our a.p. is really booked up, and she confirmed saying that her next appointment openings are in September!  Phew!  So I am glad we jumped in when we did.  Poor Flannery has been a basket case about these "splinters".  Come to find out that my sister and the a.p. were wrong as to the cause of the pain.  Remember that my sister thought it was the red dye (granted I am sure that the sugar and the dye were only contributing to the problem, just not the source of it).  And the a.p. was thinking it could be Lymes disease.  It ended up being strep!  Yikes.  We had strep a few months back.  All the kids, but Flannery, really did well with the remedies I chose for them.  For some reason getting the right remedy for Flannery is very, very hard to do (for me that is, I am sure our homeopathic doc would have no problem).  All the other kids responded right away, and if not I got the right remedy soon after for them to be on their way to health.  With Flannery it was more the case that she would feel better, then worse, start to feel better, then worse.  Repeat.  Finally she stayed better.  However, it looks like her body did not master the strep, and it ended up in her nervous system. 

We now have a remedy from our a.p. for her to take along with some recommendations for other supplements.  The poor thing has a raging sinus infection as well!  She must be like me, and doesn't have pain with her infection.  It does hurt to push on her sinuses, but just sitting there she doesn't have pain.  She certainly hasn't told me about any pain or sinus related symptoms, again very much like me. I get these raging infections but I don't find out until it has gone really far!  So I am glad we were able to catch that as well.  I am just so thankful to get have gotten her in there.  She was having the pricking pains again yesterday after the appointment, but now that she *knows* that it has nothing to do with a splinter she was able to deal with it.  I am confident that she will be feeling better soon.  We do have to pick up a few things though to be able to get everything she needs to fight this. 

Just in case there are those out there that are shocked that I didn't get my kids antibiotics for their strep.....I wouldn't change a thing.  I truly feel that it is in the best interest for my children that we approach their health care in the most natural way as possible.  I feel that God made medicinal plants for our use, and we should utilize those first.  Again, we make this a case by case situation.  Clearly Moira, when she had appendicitis, was not a candidate for us to use natural remedies.  We did though use natural means to help her heal after the surgery and antibiotics.  Now that we know that Flannery's body did not kick the strep we have other natural remedies to try.  A great combination, for those in need of some antibiotic like meds, but not wanting or able to get to the doctors you can try this:  In a size "00" empty capsule put 15 drops of grape seed extract oil, and 9 drops of oil of oregano.  Take *immediately*.  You need to have full strength oregano and that stuff will eat through the capsule within about 30 seconds or so.  So take quickly.  Then take a dose of colloidal silver.  Do that three times a day for 10 to 14 days.  Oh, wait, let me clarify that this is not medical advise, or diagnosis.....This is just what we plan on doing for Flannery.  We also have the remedy from the a.p. and a couple of other things to do for Flannery's illnesses. 

My sister goes back home today.  She'll be here to drop off my mom.  Hopefully we will get a wee bit of time in before they take off.  They have a long, long drive before them.  All the kids have been having a great time together.  We really need to see them more often.  It's funny, or maybe not, that I just realized I don't think that I've thought to pray for a way to see them more often!  I need to do that! 

In other news, totally unrelated to this post....I've gotten a bunch of books out of the library on sewing, crochet and knitting.  There are quite a few patterns I want to copy.  I am hoping that will be possible from where I am sitting :-)  The crochet/knitting patterns will be easy enough to do so.  I can just photo copy or hand copy them.  The sewing patterns are another story.  These are books that come with paper patterns.  I have some material meant for copying patterns that I can use.  But sewing patterns are large, and it may have to wait for another week or two for me to be able to stand at the table to copy them.  Thankfully I can keep the books for 3 weeks.  So hopefully I'll be able to do so before they need to be returned.  Although I am sure Isabella would do a good job at copying the patterns.  Hmmmm...."Oh, Isabella...."   :-)

Off to start my day....you know, with more sitting, and leg propping....

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