Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The orange that saved my sanity :-)

First and foremost....a happy birthday to Moira who turned 12 today!!!  I'll put up a birthday post for her after her birthday party.  Tonight she helped me make her birthday dinner, chicken alfredo.  Yum!  Along with that was, of course, the beloved cranberry sauce.

Now, to that orange.  It's not an actual orange, but it is round, and the container (and box it comes in) is the color orange.  It's a homeopathic drawing salve, called Prid.  Why has it saved my sanity?  Well, we have one young girl who has a phobia of any type of splinter (be it wood, glass or anything else).  And I do mean, *phobia*!  She will cry, jump around, freak out if she thinks there is something stuck in her skin.  I can not tell you how many times that she has insisted that there was something stuck in her foot, but there was absolutely nothing that could be seen by the naked eye.  That would leave her fretting and crying on and off all day or evening long.  Seriously.  No joke. But along came Prid, and life is much different now :-)  If I can't see anything, but she insists that something is there, I whip out the Prid and a bandaid.  Put a dab of the Prid on the bandaid and tape it to her alleged splinter.  Problem solved.  Either way, if there is nothing there, or if there is, she's covered.  This stuff beats the 'regular' draw out salve that is black and tar like.  Black and tar like equals messy. 

Isabella is in the habit of carrying around things that she thinks will be helpful in her purse.  So she took to carrying the Bulk Herb Store's Eden Salve, and Prid.  We just recently ran out of the Eden Salve, and the Prid mysteriously disappeared.  Bad, bad, bad.  Thankfully I was able to pick up another pack of it when we were out shopping the next time around (I think it is under $4).  I was hoping to make our own Eden Salve, but I am having a hard time locating the herbs out in the wild.  I did find the plantain and made up a drawing salve from it.  It helped out until we could replenish our Prid supply.  I could buy all the herbs separately and make my own, but I don't think you are saving much money by doing so.  If I could only find these herbs out in the wild, for free, well that would be some great savings!  Until then....I'll have to make an online order.  If you're in the market for some great healing salve (bug bites, poison ivy, scrapes, etc.) do check out the Eden Salve.  Isabella is a poison ivy magnet.  Every summer she comes down with it, multiple times as well.  No one else, but one time, has come down with it!  But every. single. summer.  Isabella is plagued by it.  Now this has been happening for at least the past five years.  So we know how this plays out.  She starts itching her skin, that is also painful.  She will usually have a few small bumps.  Over the next handful of days as the oil has fully soaked in and the reaction is complete she will have a large red, blistered patch of skin that is both very painful and very itchy.  We had tried many things to try to bring comfort, to no avail.   I read an article in the No Greater Joy magazine one day about a couple that got in a very bad motor bike accident.  Besides being in very bad shape (multiple broken bones, huge areas of skin rubbed off from the ground, etc) they had landed on the side of the road in a patch of poison ivy.  One of the Pearl daughters made up this salve, and it did wonders for their poison ivy AND their road rash that had become badly infected.  So we bought some last year.  Oh, my goodness!  This stuff really works!!  When Isabella first comes down with the initial pain and itching we hurry up, wash the area and then spread on a layer of the Eden salve.  So far there have not been any blisters, and she only gets a bit of a pink area, or it may be a bit red, if she didn't realize what was going on and waited longer to put the salve on.  No more days, and days of pain and itching! 

I hope someone else will be able to benefit from these products as well.  I know I feel much better buying something if I know someone that has already used the item.

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