Monday, July 25, 2011

What we have been up to...

The bottom line is.....not much :-)  Ok, I guess that applies to just me.  The girls have had to take over the things I do.  Jeremiah has been here to lend a hand and direct.  My mom is coming in today to stay with us to help.  My sister is dropping her off, so we get to visit with her for the day!  Yeah!

I still can't be up for long.  Thankfully a lot of the swelling has gone down, making it possible to stay up longer.  It's been a week now and I am eager to get back into the swing of things.  However it is still too painful to do so.  Oy.  And so I wait.  In the meantime I've been reading, playing small games with the boys, hold the baby, and even made a crocheted hoodie for the baby.  It came out really cute.  I'll have to get pictures of it soon.  It still needs some buttons and the string ends to be weaved in. 

We are wondering what is wrong with Flannery.  She's been having lots of issues with 'splinters'.  She has this pin prick sensation on her hands and feet.  She thinks it's a splinter, but nothing is really there.  So far we have two possibilities.  The first my sister came up with. I was telling her that Flannery gets this way (although to a much lesser degree) each summer.  The past two weeks have been horrid for her.  I realized that with all the birthday parties and the Fourth we have been eating lots of junk.  So I figured it may have something to do with our sugar load.  However my sister thinks it may be due to food coloring, red 40 in particular.  I realized that Flannery has indeed been consuming lots of food with that as an ingredient.  So now I have to be very careful in what she is eating.  Because we normally eat from scratch we don't have to worry too much about food coloring.  But right now, with me not being able to cook, I have to watch out for it.  The other idea came from our alternative practitioner. She thought it could be Lymes disease.  That would be really yucky!  It will be easy to see if it's the dye as long as I can keep her dye free for the week.  If that doesn't resolve it then I will have to take her in to be tested.  I definitely will go with the altern. prac. first as Lymes requires multiple rounds of antibiotics if you are treating conventionally.  I'm all for antibiotics if they are needed, like when Moira had appendicitis.  But since this is not an emergency I would rather give other things a try first.

I have reason to believe that antibiotics messed Flannery up when she was little.  She had a bout of failure to thrive after she antibiotics for the first time.  After that she was obsessed with only eating sugary things, and milk products.  And I do mean obsessed!  It was very hard to get some higher calorie, nutrient dense foods into her.  But once I did she filled out again.  I had no problem with getting her to eat yogurt for the good bacteria.  I think I put some extra probiotics into her yogurt.  She really doesn't need any more issues to add to her life right now :-)  Not that she needs Lymes either!  I know that Lymes can be very serious if left untreated.  But I feel confident that we can treat it alternatively. 

That's all for now.  I need to get ready for the day....ya know for sitting on the couch.  Ha, ha! 

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