Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strawberry picking

I took the camera with us, but never snapped any shots. We headed out to the playground first. We walked around the trail to begin with and Jedidiah only fell about a half dozen times, and he has the banged up, bloody, scraped knees to prove it! I tried carrying him, but he wanted to walk on his own. Then we went to the store really quick, and then it was off to the strawberry patch. Everyone had a lot of fun. And we have two flats of berries that are really yummy! Isabella topped everyone by filling up her whole bucket. Saoirse wanted to stick around to fill up hers, but we may have been there all day if we did that! Even Jedidiah helped by putting the berries in the bucket (after they were picked by one of us).

We had a full house last night! And I mean FULL. We volunteered our house for the Wednesday night prayer meeting. And we had about 100 people in here. And no that is not an exaggeration! This was the first prayer meeting that I have attended since keeping Jedidiah out late more than one night of the week make him more susceptible to getting sick. It was really amazing how even the young children were praying.

I recently changed Jedidiah's g-tube button myself. And it is soooo much easier on him and me than the ng-tube he used to have. It went well. He has stagnated in his weight gain. And I am making theories about it. About two weeks ago I stopped using the good bacteria. We got some keifer this past week and I was starting him really slowly on it as I wanted to make sure he didn't have a reaction. Well he stopped gaining weight. AND he started having those messy diapers with "The Smell". I think I wrote about "The Smell" some time ago. And isn't it interesting that during those months (many in a row) he wasn't gaining weight! There is obviously some sort of correlation. And by golly I made sure to put the good bacteria in is afternoon feeding as of this afternoon. We'll see if that is what is really making the difference. I will continue with the keifer, but also keeping the good bacteria in there. Plus I will try adding some flax seed oil to his baby food. He needs some added concentrated calories I think to help him out.

Ok, off to make some lunch. Then we need to finish with school and then we are off to our Bible study. We have stuck with our Bible study that we had with our old church. We have been reading Pilgrim's Progress. It has been a great read! This will be the last night of the study.

Oh, and make sure you check out Jerry's blog, it's linked on my side bar. It will be sure to challenge you :-)

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apologian said...

Hi, Sweetie,

I wouldn't worry too much about Jed's stagnant growth recently. We just need to adjust back to what we were doing when his growth was successful, and no experimentation for now. It's so wonderful to see how our little baby has grown into a boy. He is responding well to training and discipline, and I'm praying that he continues to do so. From one generation to the next...!

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