Monday, April 14, 2008

Pregnancy pic

Ok, for some reason in these pictures I don't look as big as I feel. I truly feel like I am 36 weeks preggers and not 26! I feel great, although I am not looking forward to gaining a ton more weight. I've gained 25 pounds so far, which puts me on target for my usual 40-45 pound gain. I'm just hoping that this is not a 10 pound baby. I'm praying for a healthy 7 pounder this time around. Last time I prayed for a small baby with a normal sized head and I got one! Certainly smaller than I was expecting! So this time I am praying more specifically :-)

Tomorrow is a big shopping day. I also get to go out and look for some maternity wear, or material to make some clothing. I HATE the options for maternity skirts. I have an excellent pattern to make some myself. I have to get some pics up for Angie. Right now the skirt I need to take a pic of is in the laundry. I want to make some nice summery ones. I also need some new sneakers and sandals. And on top of that we told Isabella and Moira they could get their ears pierced. We'll see if Moira will go through with it. She is waiting to see if Isabella lives to tell of her experience. She is totally pain phobic, so I'm not imagining that she will go through with it (Moira that is). She's surprised me in the past though.

Ok, off to make some yummy pancakes. I woke up early but have been spending too much time looking for decent maternity clothes breakfast will be late. Ok, not really late as we usually eat a late breakfast anyways, but I thought, wow, I'll be ahead of the game today....NOT! :-) And please go check out Isabella's new post.....she's been asking me to check it daily for comments (hint, hint).

Twenty six weeks! Getting closer (almost three months left). Three months seems like forever and not enough time all in one right now.

Here's a little doll blanket I crocheted up last night for Flannery. It was nice to whip something up so quick. The yarn is thick and of course the blanket is small. I am in the process of making Saoirse's blanket, but having trouble getting into it. I think it's the choice of yarn, I'm not fond of the color or the feel of it. Plus I can't find a good pattern for her. She just wants a plain ol' blanket, no frills. I've been searching for a pattern for the baby's blanket which will be next.


MamaArcher said...

you look great! you do not look big at all! I do not think I will be brave enough to post pictures of this pregnancy! LOL

Tracy said...

You look great! I believe the basketball in front of you is indeed a boy! :)

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