Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping

This may not be a post of much interest to most. But keep in mind that this is also where I put things for me to look back on, and to help others. Sometimes a blog I read will be doing a post on schedules and they ask everyone to share their schedules with them. And sometimes they do a post on feeding a large family and ask for people to share their menus or shopping lists. So this is here for that reason, and for anyone curious as to what I feed these kiddos and a peek at our shopping list.

Here is what is on my current menu, that I made up last night and this morning:

I don't have set days for what we eat for breakfast. Although Sunday mornings we have our normal lunch food, since we won't be having a snack. So breakfasts are smoothies made with greens, fruit, keifer/yogurt, and healthy fats. The girls may also have extra fruit on the side, or a muffin.

I set aside a specific lunch for each day, these are the types we are having:
scrambled eggs and biscuits
juicy eggs and toast
egg burritos

Our dinners are more varied and are the following for the next two weeks:
grilled cheese, corn on the cob
baked potatoes
chicken and rice burritos
corn bread, beans, salad
broccoli soup, wheat bread
baked beans, wheat bread, salad
focaccia, salad, deviled eggs
sweet-n-sour meatballs (on rice)
pizza, salad
taco salad
baked potatoes
chicken soup, wheat bread
black beans and rice (on tortillas)
grilled cheese, corn on the cob
chicken quasadillas, salad

A few of those seem to be very minimal dinners and that is on purpose. Those would be our Sunday dinners, which we keep light since we eat a buffet lunch at church. And of course there are repeats since I can only seem to come up with so many different things to make, or wish to make, keeping it simple for me. When I put too many different or new dishes in my week I tend to get overwhelmed and fall behind and make something not planned since it seems too much for me that particular night. I also try to make up more rice than I need that particular night for another nights meal. Same with salad. I make a huge salad to have over a few days. Not all our salads are green lettuce. I will have two that are different, one with red cabbage, apples, carrots and other yummies. Another will be a tobouli type salad with parsley, cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers and nuts. So it varies. I need to get off and get a few things done, so the grocery list will have to wait till later or another day.

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