Friday, April 18, 2008

Crunchiness rating

Is that even a word? Crunchiness, I mean. Oh well if it's not! Ok, so what is the point of this post? Nothing but some musings in my head really. I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with a friend, trying out her goat milk. And let me tell you, she was NOT joking that the milk tasted just like cows milk! I told her I that I knew she wasn't lying to me, but I figured that maybe she had just gotten used to the "goaty" taste. Now mind you I've only had goats milk once from the store.....YUCK! Can we say liquid dirt? That's what it tasted like! So she hands me a small glass of her milk, and I'm ready to make faces in advance....I sip.....I taste....and am Wowed by the fact that I thought perhaps she made a mistake and just poured some whole milk from the store? She laughed at me. Anyways we were talking health stuff. And I say, yeah, I'm a crunchy momma underneath....and she pipes in that she is too, but it's too darn expensive to be crunchy! Ha, isn't that the truth! So this is my post just listing all the things I do that are "crunchy" and all the things I wish I could do, but time, money or other factors are in the way right now and probably will always be. But I am comforted by the fact that I am sure the I will get my chance at some of this in heaven. Well maybe, and if not I probably won't be caring about it anyways!!

Here are some of the things I do now:
Grind my own wheat
Make our own laundry detergent
Am a health nut really, just ask Jerry!
I juice
Ummmm, well that is quite a short list. Ok, here are some things I do, but that are not exactly crunchy, or things I have thought would be neat to do:
I homeschool, and in my perfect world we would be going outside doing nature studies, the girls would be doing all these really cool things, but right now, we do the basics....maybe one day
I have in the past and hope to with the next baby to cloth diaper.
We would be wearing all organic cotton clothing.
We, as in the girls and I would be wearing modest, but slightly funky in batik skirts. I love them, not sure why I don't have one, but hey, at this time in life, clothing is whatever we can get at a good price.
We would have an extensive garden and fruit trees and plants and......well we know that gardens take time, and by golly I don't have the time, but I would still love one!
We would eat all organic.....growing would be cheaper, but see above reason why we don;t :-)
I would have all wooden bowls, or glass, or other non plastic items in the kitchen
I would have only wooden and cloth toys for my children, all open ended play type of stuff
We would have bookshelves full of great literature at the disposal of little hands
We would have quality art supplies for the kids to indulge in (not only something I would love, but the Bluedorns say it's important too....They are a homeschooling family, we have their book and it's great!)

Hmmmm, I am sure there is a bunch more, but it's getting late, I have been waiting for some popcorn I scarfed down to settle low in the tummy so it won't come up high in the tummy when I lay down and give me heartburn :-) So my brain is at half mast right now. Anyways that was just a fun list to put together. Clearly there are many more important matters to think about. Sometimes it is a hard balance for me. I mean we are only here on the earth a short while and God has given us a job to do, so am I even supposed to be thinking about things like this? In the long run, No, after all it says in Matthew for us to not worry about what we will eat and wear as God has clothed the fields and feeds the birds, how much more will He take care of us. But at the same time, we have these choices to make. I mean, we will at some point buy toys for our children....which ones. We have to wear clothing....what kind? We need to eat.....which is the healthiest, or what God intended for us to eat? And so on. Have I rambled enough? Sorry.

And in my head there are more things to think upon, like adoption, like praying, keeping in the Word, being diligent, making the most of my time with my children, and on and on and on. I think I am making myself tired just thinking about all of this!

Tomorrow we are going to try to hit the farmers market in town before my appointment with our midwife. It just opened for the season last week and I am excited to see what they have available this time of year.

Have a great night! I will try to get those pictures up of me torturing, er I mean, of my children drinking thier smoothies. We have been making the raw strawberry shortcake from The Garden Diet, and it is fabulous. It makes enough for four or so people....and by golly I have to share it all since the kids are crazy about it! And miracle of miracles Flannery actually filled a bowl with salad and ate most of it! Plus she tried a tomatoe, didn't like it, but I almost fell over that she all on her own decided to try a vegetable!


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Rissa said...

Hi again! Thank you for your recent comment on my blog - I appreciated what you had to say. Encouragement is always nice!

I was lurking around your blog again :) and thought this post was great. I find it difficult when I'm limited from doing all those things I'd love to do - for health, for the sake of simplicity, etc. But it's a great goal. And you're right, perhaps in the long run, the Lord won't grade us on our "crunchiness" :) but I do think it's honorable to do things that are good for us, the earth, and that just keep our heads a little clearer and our eyes a bit more focused on his will. Thanks for this fun post! :)

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