Monday, April 07, 2008

Signing Time with Jedidiah

Jedidiah and the girls watch a video series called Signing Time. It teaches kids sign language. I taught the last three signs and it really helped figure out what they were asking for. Tonight we were able to grab a few photos of Jed doing some signs. Obviously it would have been neater to get them on video, but our camera memory card would have only been able to hold one at a time. Anyways.....lets see he knows the following signs: more, water, apple, food, cookie, bird, lion, dog, hat, tired, cry, don't like, like, hot, cold, and there may be a couple more that I can't think of at the moment. So here he is doing some of the signs.

This is cookie. He did this last night on our way out of Walmart and I had not gotten our free cookie. He was sitting in the cart doing this sign and it took me a moment to figure out he was asking for a cookie. I promptly went back and got one!

Oh, yeah, here is another I forgot to list, this is "fright". He doesn't do the hand motion with it, but the facial expression is priceless!
This is ball. One of his favorite toys.

And here is hat.

He just started this one as well the other day. This is tired. It's really cute when he will droop his head for added emphasis.

This one is cry. It is similar to the tired sign, at least when he does it. But you are supposed to drag on finger (on each side) down your cheek, he uses all of his fingers. Maybe he is bawling instead?
There you have it. The funny thing is he will start a sign and then a couple of days later he will say the actual word for the first time. Go figure. He has so far been one of those kids who waits to actually do something only when he knows he will be able to completely do it. Like his walking. We knew he could walk, he had the skills, but he wouldn't. He literally took only three steps one day and the next he was walking over the whole house! He didn't practice like most kids do. Same with crawling. Normally kids will rock back and forth on their hands and knees for a while before they take off. No, he just up and crawled one day. The therapist would have the hardest time trying to get him into a hands and knees position, and he would just cry and cry about it. Then, boom, he does it all on his own and off he went.
Ok, I have to give Jedidiah a bath. He has been asking for one and is eagerly anticipating splashing and pouring water. Have a great night.


Tracy said...

Too cute Kerri! And pretty spooky you wrote about signing as when I was putting Georgia to sleep a few minutes ago she did a sign for the first time in months! She seems to be interested in learning more signs, so I will have to pull out the Signing Time and my sign language book. Just an FYI, it really looks as if Jed is just flipping everyone off in the tired picture :). Anyway, keep up the great work! Love to all!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - LOVE it! I have been signing with Noah since he was 4 months and we watch "Signing Times" before his bath after dinner (but I've been just showing 4 signs). Noah can sign for milk, ball and hat so far...can't seem to get him to do more or eat yet (which are the ones you're suppose to start with). Anyway, loved the pics! A mommy friend and I have been chatting about perhaps starting a business together -- baby/toddler sign language clasees -- and this story just proves again how useful it is for kids to learn (and higher IQ, greater vocab when they finally do speak and less likely to have terrible 2/tantrum stage since they have a way to commuicate). GO JED - keep signing!! :)

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