Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Purple yummies, and other stuff

Ok, hopefully Blogger will be working today and I will be able to upload some pics. The kids are outside in the back playing (while I look on from my window), and Jedidiah is sleeping. We are not sure what is up with that child. He has taken to not sleeping well and waking early. Today he tried to get up at 5:30! Um, I don't think so! Mommy doesn't do 5:30, now 6:30 is fine with me, but not any earlier. So I had him "hooked up" to his feeding, with him watching his beloved Alex and Leah (Signing Time), and he was getting all fussy. Hmmmm, that's weird, he's always happy to watch Alex and Leah. Well a few minutes later I walk over to him (I had been making waffles on our new waffle maker) and the kiddo fell asleep sitting up. Poor thing! I transferred him to his crib and I am hoping he will sleep longer than 45 minutes! Maybe with the girls outside it won't be as noisy. So I am taking a moment, before I jump to other things to write a post.

So we had bought a waffle maker last week or the week before and it came in yesterday. Everyone was excited to try it out. It works great, although it is different from the one we had. You kinda get used to the same appliance, especially if you use it all the time. So it is non-stick....or so it says. I have to say it is much better with the non-sticking than our last one, but something to get used to. Plus I believe they need to expand their definition of Belgian waffle. I am thinking "thick", but I am not sure what they were thinking. Now I have resolved the issue, as I don't turn the waffle maker over as you are supposed to. If I were I have these paper thin waffles, but if I don't then they come out nice, thick, and fluffy. I made the same batter I always do, although I soaked my flour last night. The girls were raving at how delicious they were and they all ate much more than normal! So I have one measly waffle left over to freeze.....hmmm, I better make three batches next time.

We also got a new blender the other day. Yes, it does seem odd to go out and buy something like that when your hubby has been told he only has a couple months on the job, BUT I use mine ALL the time. So we got one last week, it was broke. Then we got another one, and it had a funny smell to it. I figured it was that new plastic smell going on until Jerry told me to come to the back of the blender (it was on the island counter), and there were flames on the inside!!! Yes, blue flames! So two blenders down. We were going cheapo here, so we decided to spend a few extra dollars to get a well known name. It works like a dream! It works better than my other one ever did! My other one said it was supposed to blend everything within 60 seconds. Umm, yeah, sure....maybe mine was just defective, I'm not sure, but it took a lot longer than 60 seconds, plus I had to keep pushing everything down towards the blades. But this new blender is fast and no pushing needed. I have some yummy purple smoothies to show for it too. The girls are getting used to this new way of eating. I am glad that they are consuming less sugar and more greens than they were before. We need to work out some kinks, but little steps at a time.

We have tried one new recipe this week. The raw strawberry shortcake. For those who don't know raw, anything that is raw and has the name of a well know recipe, well you just know it isn't going to be the same....at all! Ha, ha. But that doesn't mean it's not good, just different. So I throw in the nuts and a bit of salt into the food processor. Grind till they are fine crumbs (flour like) and then I was supposed to add dates. Ahhh, I should know better to make sure all the ingredients are in my pantry before I begin. So I substituted agave nectar instead. Pour into a bowl. Then you add half of your strawberries to the food processor (fp), and just get them chopped up a bit. Add to your bowl with the nuts. Add the remaining strawberries to the fp adding a bit of honey and let it get liquidy. Pour into nut bowl. Mix together and then be prepared to eat it quickly! Well if you have children that is. Mine couldn't get enough and we were all eating really fast to get the most! Ok, I made sure to tell everyone to slow down, make sure we had good manners and that sort of stuff :-) Seriously this is some good stuff! There is a little video of it at The Garden Diet on the net.

We are gearing up for another birthday. In less than one week! Saoirse will be four! Wow, four! And I think as an early gift to herself she decided to give herself a haircut! What is it about a 3 almost 4 year old and hair cuttings! I mean ALL of my girls have done it! It won't be so bad if Jedidiah does it as I can just give him a buzz cut, but the girls are a different story. It is entirely different if the said child takes forever and ever to grow hair!!!! I am hoping with our improved nutrition that it will grow faster, otherwise we have a long wait ahead of us. Thankfully it was just her bangs, and at least she just chopped them, instead of cutting them all off like Isa did when she was newly 4.

Ok, I need to call in the girls and pop in an exercise video, then finish school (just language arts left) and then dinner prep, and cleaning, then the girls do history with Jerry, then family worship, and then bed! Phew, I'm tired just thinking about it.

Oh, yeah and if anyone wants to see a REALLY funny video of Jerry and the girls singing the geography songs, you can send me lots of money first, and then I will release the video. Ha, ha. I caught them on the camera video last night while they were singing and it is hilarious. Jerry says he is going to make that video disappear. I am sure he would kill me if I put it up, that is why I would have to charge you all, then maybe he wouldn't knock me off :-) I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Although I am sure it has something to do with really weak and stretched tummy muscles! Ok, you all have a great day!

UGH! I just tried to put up the pics and it still won't let me!!! Wahhhhh. It will have to wait till another day. I don't get it, Blogger must have something against me. My sister put up pictures and she uses Blogger. Better luck next time.

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