Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Birthday Time

Happy Birthday Saoirse!!!

I'm writing this the night before Saoirse's birthday. We celebrated her birthday today. We decorated with blue, yellow and white streamers (her choice of colors), and had a birthday cake decorated by Isabella. Everyone else wanted to decorate it as well, but that would have been pure chaos. As it was I was on frosting patrol. It was a demanding job! The design was of a pink flower with a smiley face. We have pictures (only if Blogger will let me put them up). A great time was had by all. Jedidiah was too busy showing off for Grandpa and Nana to take a much needed nap. We really thought that he was going to fall asleep right in his chair sitting up at dinner time. Saoirse got a little book, and a neat magnetic ABC board. Then she got to open our gift as well, although she knew what is was going to be already, a stuffed dog. All her siblings have a special stuffed dog, and she was the only one who didn't. So that is what she asked for her birthday. Tomorrow we will have her birthday dinner. She chose steak, cranberry sauce (I think with prompting from her siblings) and blueberries. I wanted to get fresh blueberries, but it was 4$ for a TINY box of them. I mean TINY! I could have bought a box just for her I suppose, but tomorrow I will check the online sales ads for any sales on blueberries.

So big birthday wishes to our cutie pie! She is one sweet girl.

Here is the cake. I am not sure why the smiley looks funky here. It was yummy!

Here is the birthday girl getting sung to. She was so excited that it was her birthday.

And here she is with her new gifts. We will have to keep Jedidiah from thinking he can take over her dog. He loves stuffed dogs, and thinks all of them are his!

And here is Jedidiah enjoying making a mess of the cake. Flannery I am sure was probably trying to feed him! He doesn't go for that!

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Tracy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAOIRSE!!!!!!!!!! We hope you have a wonderful day today (looks like yesterday was a ton of fun!!!). Your gifts (especially the stuffed dog) are wonderful! Enjoy your day and may God bless you throughout this year! Love to all!
Auntie Tracy

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