Thursday, January 04, 2007

A whole 11 pounds!!!

That's how "big" Jedidiah is now! Which is actually a good thing. That means he gained a whole pound in one month as opposed to only one pound in two months like he did between his 3rd and 5th month. He went down a bit on the chart in his height as well, but not too much. The doctor said that because we seem to have found the cause of his lack of weight gain and he is sleeping better and making more messy diapers then he should be o.k. We have to come back in for a weight check in one month instead of waiting till his next well baby check up at 9 months. As long as he gains another pound then we are fine, if not we will have to talk with a breastfeeding consultant. He feels pretty confident that he will catch up. Catch up to his head that is! His head is in th 50th percentile. His body is below the 1 percentile. So he needs to fatten up and sprout some (his height is off the chart as well---below the chart that is). He said that wherever kids are when they are 3 years old is where they stay. So we have a bit of time to get him caught up.

Today was a beautiful day. We had a picnic lunch outside. The girls decided they wanted braids in their hair. That led to them thinking that they looked like the girls in Little House on the Prarie. So they renamed themselves. Isa was Mary, Moira was Laura, Flannery was Carrie and Saoirse was Grace. They insisted that they were permanently changing their names that way! Ummmm I don't think so :-) If we wanted your names to be those we would have named you that ourselves. Ahhh children. After the picnic we had an unsuccesful nap time. Can we say, "Early bedtime."? I know I can. Then we did a quick clean of the house using the principles I read in the online book. She calls it the Clean Sweep. Very effective. Then we had a yummy dinner of taco salad, a family favorite.

Of course we had a sprinkling of school here and there. The girls actually did most of it on their own. Usually after I teach Moira's math lesson I will read each math problem to her for her written work. Her reading skills are improving so I thought I would see how she could do to do it on her own. She did pretty well. All except for the mixed numbers!! Which my sister knows about. Let's just say it's a good thing God answers prayers for patience! We have been working on fractions for some time now. Simple stuff. They have you color 3/4 of a square or they show you a circle with 1/2 of it shaded and ask you to tell them how much is shaded. She was a pro at that. Got the concept very quickly. However....they now added whole shaded shapes to the mix. So they color 3 and 3/4 squares and have her write how much is shaded. She doesn't get it! We go over it again and again. I say, "How many whole squares are shaded?". And she'll look at me like I have two heads! Go figure. She'll catch on shortly I am sure.

Good night all.

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Tracy said...

SOOOOOOO Happy to hear about the weight gain! He'll be running around soon enough and filling in with all the good food he'll be eating soon!

By the way....the green border on your blog is getting a little pukey looking. I think you're in store for a new look....don't worry about freaking me out....I think I can handle it now! :)

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