Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just hanging out

It's Sunday afternoon and we are relaxing. Yesterday was a fun day. We went to a birthday party for a little girl from our church. Flannery was invited and the invitation was extended to the whole family. Flannery was sooooo excited to be going to a birthday party that she, personally, was invited to. It was a beautiful day and they got to play some games outside.

Saoirse is getting a bit better each day. I am not even sure if I wrote about her. She was doing this "breathing thing". That's the best way I can describe it. Finally after two and a half weeks she is getting better. Everyone else has a little something, so maybe it's just her body's way of reacting to the germs. Who know! This week we go in to get Jedidiah weighed. I am excited and scared at the same time. Other people have been commenting on how he's getting bigger. My back is getting sore trying to get him and his car seat in the van. So it seems that he has indeed gained some weight. But the truth will be known on thursday. He has definitely grown, but he is still so small. We had lunch with someone today with a baby who was two weeks older than Jedidiah and he was soooo much bigger. i have to remind myself that each baby is different and God has a plan for Jedidiah. And if that plan if for him to be small all his life, then we need to accept that. I just want to do my best to give him the best.

Here are some pictures I took the other day that didn't have time to post the other day:

The girls have this little tiny orange laptop computer from thier doll house. They love to play with it, carry it around pretend to use it. So one night Jerry was doing some work and I thought it would be cute to get one of them with it next to him. You can barely see it in Isabella's hands in the above picture. So we decided to take the next picture, using Jerry's new laptop. (His company had just given him a new laptop to replace his old one and he needed to transfer all his stuff to the new one.)

The next one is of the girls playing store with the puppet theater. They made these lego ice cream cones to have an ice cream shop. They come up to the window and order their flavor of ice cream and pay for it. Isabella gives them the correct change. (Hey, nothing like using those math skills!) Moira has a vanilla cone in her hand. Saoirse is reviewing her food choices.

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