Saturday, January 06, 2007

A new look

OK, I'm not crazy over this one, BUT they are Jerry's favorite colors. So I thought I would change to this one, for a little while at least. For me, gray is depressing. It is the color of a cloudy sky, a drab day lingering on and on....But I shall persevere (hee, hee).

Not much going on here. It was a cleaning day. Although not much cleaning got done. Or so it seems. Sometimes it seems to get messier before it gets better. It was a beautiful day. I went for a walk. It seems the rain caused a bunch of salamanders and lizards to come out. Unfortunately the met their demise on the road.

We have church tomorrow. Then a quiet day. We have a lot of food to put together for the next day. I have been doing the soaking of the grains. We had the pancakes today. The girls LOVED them. They were soooo soft, you wouldn't think they were made of all whole wheat. It's a "keeper" recipe.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Tracy said... cool! Doesn't suit you though....too need soft colors and curves I think!

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