Thursday, January 18, 2007

A con to homeschooling in the south

Can you believe a die hard homeschooler is going to admit that there are inded cons to homeschooling? Shocking, I know!! Unfortunately it is a con for the poor children. Yes, sad but true. And this con is only found in certain parts of the country. You see I woke up this morning to this:

That would be SNOW!!!! Now for all my northern family it still comes as a great laugh that when there is ANY amount of frozen white stuff, everything is CLOSED. So all the shcool going children have the day off. And this is where the con comes in. As homeschoolers, it was still a school day. Yes, my poor children still had to do their school in spite of the snow while all the other school going children had the day off. There you have it, true confessions of a homeschoolig mom. But I'm not all evil, I let them go out and play in the snow right away. You have to get to it right away, because there is no telling how long it might last! They spent about 20-30 minutes out there and came in for some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate before breakfast breaks all sorts of rules ;-)

And for anyone who thinks we are too easy on our kids, well here is a pic to prove that we work them to the bone:

I'm only joking of course. Actually this is a picture of a 2 year old who didn't have a nap and had been given some benedryl an hour earlier. Poor thing. But it was too cute to not take a picture first before getting her in bed. Please pray for Saoirse. She has been having some breathing "issues" for about 8 or 9 days now. I am assuming it is only allergies. But it's been every day and sometimes it is worse than others. I am taking her to the doctors tomorrow morning. I don't want her living on benedryl.

Here is a picture of too cute Jedidiah in his own bed!! This is a new thing for our family. All our kids have slept in our bed. Jedidiah still does as well. But he is going to be able to roll around soon and needed a safe place to sleep. When he wakes up at night to nurse I will just bring him into our bed where he will spend the rest of the night. But for nap time and for the early part of his night time sleep he will be in his crib.

And last but not least here is a picture of our stupid dog. She needs to go to a doggie homeschool or something :-)

She is only stupid because she is sitting out in the freezing cold, all wet from playing with the girls when there is a HUGE dog house right behind her where she could be warm and cozy!

ok, Isabella is really wanting me to tell you all that she has learned how to field dress a deer. Well theoretically that is. They (Jerry and Isa) looked it up on the internet. It is pretty disgusting.

I am almost done with making a small crochetedbaby blanket. I wish I had better colors for it. I will take a picture of it when I am done.

Ok, I have to go. The dishes are calling my name. I'm trying to ignore them, but if I ignore them any longer they will get up and come after me!


Tracy said...

Oh My Gosh! SNOW! WOW! I wouldn't believe it if you hadn't snapped that picture! I thought that when it snowed down South, the snow melts as it hits the ground! It looks like you have at least 1/2 an inch of accumulation! Are you all OK? Any catastrophies? Need me to send you a food basket? HAHA! Anyway, loved the other pictures! Especially Saoirse falling asleep coloring! Looks like the sleeping syndrome hit all over (see my blog for further details). Love you all!

Tracy said...

Hey...I just wanted to add that the picture of Jedidiah when blown up shows he has chubby cheeks! How awesome is that?!!

Angie said...

Great pics K."Drugged" Saiorse made me smile and awwwww. I pray her allergies/sniffles go away..??? food allergy??.
Call me sometimes. If you have an hour...... :o)

I go to doctor on Monday afternoon. Maybe tuesday is a great day to talk


Angie said...

Sorry I was at Target when you called.
When I called you back I got a phone call so I hung up with you. My sister in law Joni found out that she has colon cancer. It seems our family is under attack... an all out assault for the jugular by you know who. I'll be gone tomorrow am but shall be home by noonish or 1pmish. i get treatments for my low ferritin levels.Please try again..
Love and Blessings,

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