Monday, January 01, 2007

A new year


Well we started new years eve with anticipations of having a chicken fajita dinner, and brownies. We had bought some sparkling grape juice for us to clink in the new year. We had planned on putting the kids to bed at normal time and then waking them abot 10 minutes before the new year. first clue that something was up was when Moira only asked for a small piece of browie (she asked me to cut it smaller!). Then on our way to get milk Moira started crying that she felt she had to throw up. Oh fun. So she cried the entire time until we got home. I left them with Jerry and I ran out to get some popcicles. By the time I got home Jedidiah had just woken up and he was crying up a storm. He was evertired from a long day. He settled down. Phew, no some quiet time.....yeah what was i thinking. Isabella later stabbed herself with a pencil (she walked into one that was on the floor) in the foot.

So we did NOT wake the girls up for the new year. I fell asleep and woke up at about 12:01. Oh well, bet luck next year. We did have a funny for the night. Right after I woke up I heard Jerry ask Moira if she was o.k. She had come out of her room. I jumped up thinking that she was sick to her tummy. Jerry repeated himself, to which Moira answered, "I think Saoirse has the clothes." Haa, haa, she was sleep walking. So anyone have any new years resolutions? Me? ummm, I'll have to think about it! No seriously I do. After reading all of those free online books that I linked to about a month or so ago I really want to draw closer to the Lord. My walk with Him has been a bit slack. The other thing would be to revise our way of eating. I will be glad to be rid of the last of the brownies and be clear of sweets. I can really notice a difference in how I feel when I have sugar running through my veins. Yuck!

Well I hear the baby waking. I have a long list of things to do today:
Do a "clean sweep" of the whole house (includingcleaning the bathrooms and kitchen)
Totally clean the laundry room.
Move the laundry table back to the laundry room (it's been in our family room due to dogs lodging in our laundry room).
Take Christmas tree down.
Make grocery list.
Go grocery shopping.
Check to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow for school as our school break ends.

Ok, I'm tired just thinking about it all! :-)

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