Friday, January 12, 2007


I am showcasing some new creations. One is mine, another is Isabella's, another Flannery's and another is a friend from church's. Take a moment to look.

Ok, the copy and paste mode is NOT working on this bloggin site right now!! UGH! I wanted to put captions under each of the pictures, but will have to give my commentary off the side, or wherever it may end up once I hit the publish button.

The first picture is Flannery's rendition of her End of Game Tunnel. At the end of the girls' soccer games the parents line up opposite each other and hold their hands up to make a tunnel for the kids to run through. Here she made her Playmobil people make the tunnel. Very cute.

Here is Isabella's Old Life Cabin. You see there is enough room for a horse and some small farm animals. A lovely table for 3 (the other chair broke). And plenty of room for the cat to roam around. (The cat is on he green roofing above the lodging area.)

Here is something that we just received last night. A friend from church made this quilt, that Jedidiah is laying on. It was made for him. It's called a prayer quilt. She prayed for him as she made it. I think it is woderful! Jedidiah really likes it as well. I had it laying over the back of the couch and he was just staring at it.

Here are some hats that I crocheted over the weekend. I wanted to send them to the organization called Newborns in Need. They are for premie babies and the hats were very quick to make. The things on top of the hats are flowers. Well except for the hat to the left, it has some curly q's.

Ok, so this is not a manmade creation, but beautiful non the less. Just some cuties we have here in the house. :-)

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Tracy said...

Oh WOW! All the creations were amazing! I showed Remmington and Emma and I think we might learn how to make a quilt together....I haven't taken my sewing machine out in a long time so it may take us awhile before we finish one!

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