Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just some ramblings...

Hey Angie-----I've tried posting to you blog, but it won't let me! Ugh! I will call you soon though.

Well not much to write really. Just had a few minutes. Jedidiah had a hard time going to sleep this evening. He had a nice long nap this morning-3 hours! But then we were out all afternoon and he only had a cat nap between the hours of noon and 7 pm!! Poor little guy. We went to get his birth certificate.....finally! You have to have proof that the baby is yours, so you need an ultrasound report or a letter from a pastor saying you were indeed pregnant. We had an ultrasound and our midwife sent it to us through email. However it was sent to the trash folder. Something yahoo mail will do sometimes if you have an email with an attatchment. So it got "thrown out". Thankfully we were able to get ahold of her to fax it directly to the vital records department. Then you have to bring some mail that has your physical address on it. So I got that together. But then last minute I realized that they would need the address to our last residence. You have to apply for the birth certificate in the county that the birth took place in. But we moved when he was 6 weeks old to a different county. Ugh. So off I went to search for old mail with our old address on it. It all worked out in the end.

We got a new to us extra fridge for free!!! It's huge! We got it off of free cycle. I am not ure the whole story of why they didn't want it. It had a bunch of mold in it. But Jerry sprayed a bunch of bleach on it and it is on its way to being a useable fridge. It's a nice one too. The only 'problem' is that it doesn't fit in the space that we hoped it would in the laundry room. Oh well, that just means that our laundry table needs to stay out in the family room. I think once Jedidiah gets big enough to where he's not napping so often then I could move the table to our bedroom. We have a lot of room in there for it. We have the room in our family room as well. Its just when we have company over....well ya know it's a bit odd to have stacks of clean, folded laundry on a 5 foot table in your family room. But i could imagine that the table being out of site might mean that the laundry goes out of my maybe moving it is a bad idea.

Jedidiah has his 6 month appointment tomorrow. I'll let you all know how that goes.

I've "enrolled" Flannery in our school. I decided to start her off after the holiday break. I'm starting small, just reading and math. Of course Saoirse is feeling left out now and insists that I teach her to read as well. Her attention span was longer than Flannery's! But for us that's not too suprising. Flannery has a big heart. She loves to hug and show her love for you in physical ways. She's a ball full of energy, the energizer bunny all the way. She can sit and draw for a long time. Or when she gets the notion in her head she will copy letters over. But when it's not in her timetable....well keeping her bottom on the seat is close to impossible. She knows how to write all her letters and knows what they are. The funny thing is that I've never spent more than a minute here and there teaching her!! Her sisters have taught her as well.

The girls are all enjoying their new sign language words. The videos we got them for Christmas had a lot of animal signs on them. We also got a series of videos called "Creatures that Defy Evolution". We learned a lot from those videos.

Ok, I need to talk myself into getting up and start preparing for tomorrow. Jedidiah's appointment is at 10:30.

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