Friday, November 03, 2006

We have internet!!!!!

Well it seems to have been like forever! We just got it in this evening. I am sooooo excited. I missed my email and the few blogs and sites I visit often. I have a ton to tell you all. But hey, there are only a few more hours left to the night and I need to get some (ok, a lot) of cleaning done. But wanted to share that I will be back and share a few pictures. If I can manage that. I got a really great one of Jedidiah. I'll put that up first, and then one of all of them that came out so-so. Flannery has been hamming it up lately in front of the camera. She's too funny. We are all doing great. I have been on top of homeschooling. I'm ususally on top of the house work. And my Biggest Loser contest just ended and during the 12 week contest I lost 15 pounds!!! I am soooo excited about that. I love the fact that my clothes fit me now. I still have a bit to lose and because of the upcoming holidays they are going to run a shorter (8 week) maintenance contest that I am joining as well. So since the birht of Jedidiah (4 months ago) I have lost 34 pounds of the 48 pounds that I gained during the pregnancy. Not bad if I say so myself. I'll post my before and after shots if I can find those as well. Ok, I found the pics. I put Jedidiah's up top. Then the one of all of them at the end of the post. I next put up my before pis then added the after pics. After I hit the submit button I have no idea how they will be arranged on the screen. Ok, the pics of me with the bit of staircase/railing in it on the left is the after pics.
I'll write more soon.

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