Saturday, November 04, 2006

another post

I thought I would just put another post up here, just because I can!!!!So there!!! Yes, I was in withdrawl for the past two months, so now I have to make up for it.

It is Saturday and the girls have soccer. The older three play in the local league. They are having a great time with it. And at first it was a bit overwhelming for me, but now that Jerry has been taking them it's been easier. For one thing Jedidiah can't handle being out for so long. The games are one after the other, so Flannery needs to be there for 8:45 am to warm up and then by the time they get home it is 1:15 in the afternoon. It's a long morning. They love it, but for little man, he needs his naps. And I'm sure if he could talk he would tell you he needs his nap in his BED. He is not one to nap on the go.

So this year we went to our church's Reformation Day Celebration. It was a blast. The girls loved it!! Refomation day is to remember Martin Luther and the 95 thesis that he pinned up to the Cathedral of Wittenburg's door. That would be the extreme condensed version of what happened anyways!! Martin Luther was tried in Germany in the city of Worms (hey, my favorite!), and the council that tried him was called a Diet. So they made this game up at the church called "The Diet of Worms". They put some gummy worms into the bottom of a bowl, then put a bunch of dry noodles on top of them. Then with the kids' hands behind their back they had to try to eat the gummy worms (without tipping over the bowl). It was a bunch of fun.

I'll try to find a few pics to put up. And then I have grocery shopping to do. and then maybe I'll call my sister a couple of times today, just because I can!!! Ha, ha!! I'm not sure if she'll be ok with that, but hey, I have a PHONE!!! Yippeeee!!! So I have to use it!

Ok, so I uploaded a few pics. One of Isabella on her birthday. She turned 9 this summer. We had jsut moved in here like three days before her birthday. She made her own cake for her birthday as well!! It turned out well. Then there's a couple of ones of Saoirse. One of her helping me with dishes, the other one is just her being cute. Then there's Moira and Flannery with Jedidiah. Flannery asks me often to take pictures of her and Jedidiah. This is a much better transistion than she had made when Saoirse was a newborn. Then again she is two years older as well. I think if we had given Saoirse away, Flannery would have celebrated! Now she can't get enough of her little brother. She is CONSTANTLY touching him, singing to him, talking to him, asking to hold him and get pictures of them together. It's great!!! Then the last one is a picture of a coloring page that Saoirse was doing. Yes Saoirse colored that. I think it's amazing since she is only two!!! She colors with in each boundry before going on to the next. So even if she colors something all on color, she didn't just scrawl up and down the page, she actuall colored the legs first, then the feet, then the body..... Now the funny thing is I was talking to my sister one day and she told me that her kids draw like once or twice a WEEK. Now that is a foreign concept to me as my kids draw about 4 hours each DAY. No joke! They just draw and draw and draw. I have to find hiding places for our printer paper or they would use it up in a few days. I am seriously not joking. We have rolls of paper, that we got for fREE. But they don't like that kind because they like the nice neat borders of an 8x11 piece of paper gives them. We need to get one of those paper cutters we used to have in our classrooms in school. Then I could cut the paper down to size.

Ok, I must be off. I need to get Flannery up for her to get ready for soccer.


Tracy said...

OK, these pictures are awesome! I can't believe how much everyone has grown! You can call me all you want! I never made it completely through withdrawal, so I may end up calling YOU 2 or 3 times today! HaHa!
Love you all!
Auntie Tracy

Angie said...

Awww he is soooooo cute. I did have withdrawals and really missed talking to you!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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