Sunday, November 12, 2006

backyard fun

Jerry has been building a dog hut. Don't worry I didn't know what one was either. A dog hut will be a covered structure for the dogs to get out of the rain and wind when outside. I really need for them to be out of the house. The girls where outside with him and they had a blast playing out back. I really want to get them a swing or two to put up between two trees. If anyone knows the how to on doing that please let me know. They need something to do out there. It looks so different around here now. This is our first fall here in the house and as the leaves fall we can see more of our neighbors. Not a lot, but just more of the land. It is so pretty out here. Not much else going on. Oh, wait, yes there is. We may have a reason why all my kiddos have had tummy problems. Jerry went to the doctors the other day and the doctor believes he has something (which Jerry can't remember the name of) that can be passed on the the kids. It's a bacteria that gets in the intestines that causes pain and other unpleasent things. He will be getting a blood test to determine for sure. But that would be great if we had something to go on. Maybe the kids can get treated. Jerry is just very happy that someone was able to give him hope that he can be cured.
Ok, here is a pic of the kiddos and Jerry climbing on the downed trees in the back. They didn't want to come in for dinner!

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Tracy said...

Great picture of everyone on a tree! Now why did you have to go and change the colors on your blog? Shocked my eyes! (I was expecting Blue! not Green!). HAHA, anyway it still looks really neat! Love to all!

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